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Cockpit view of night landing in Los Angeles

Mar 22nd 2012 3:15PM Sterile flight deck comes to mind.

Flight attendant pranks passenger by hiding inside of overhead bin

Jan 20th 2012 4:38PM Chet... When was the last time you flew on SWA? They haven't had lounge seating (sitting backwards) for almost ten years. I love SWA. I fly them almost every week. They are a great airline, and the truly savvy passenger will always know that things don't always go perfectly. It has been my experience as a regular flyer, that SWA has great customer service, they will usually bend over backwards to right a wrong if they can and almost always, the employees look and sound like the enjoy being at work. Give them another may just find you like them.

Galley Gossip: How do flight attendants survive on such a small salary?

Nov 30th 2011 12:34AM I have to disagree with you on your advice. While these conditions, i.e. flight hours worked and pay scales may be true at your airline, it is not true for the company I work for. Our inflight contract and union is one, if not the best, in the industry. We are not restricted by limits on flight hours and earn a very decent wage. Of course, there are FAA limitations but they are very workable. The culture is great and most...most employees are very satisfied (97%). Maybe interested applicants should investigate the opportunities at one the of low fare airlines.

Look Ma! Reagan Daughter Patti Davis Poses Nude (Again) at 58

May 19th 2011 8:51PM You gottabe doggin me...

Prince Bans Whitney Houston From His Concerts

May 10th 2011 11:45PM Give it up Whitney, you are over...

Virgin Blue Admits Toddler Was Put in Overhead Bin

Mar 6th 2011 11:08AM Oh pleeeeeeaaaasssseeee!

Sarah Palin's Longtime Aide Pens Tell-All Book

Feb 20th 2011 1:52PM This is definately a book I want to read!

Pilots Behaving Badly

Feb 19th 2011 11:35AM That comment doesn't make sense.

The Blonds Fall 2011 Fashion Week Review

Feb 17th 2011 5:00PM It is meant to be an expression of ART! It isn't meant to be worn practically...educate yourselves, step out of your circle of comfort and open your imagination. You don't have to wear it, just learn to appreciate that which is different.


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