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Family Claims Flight Crew Did Not Help Dying Passenger

Mar 3rd 2011 8:03PM Well, the Son should have given CPR, or at least used the defrib.
Oh well, they's gonna be a big lassuit over this one, and the Emirates Airlines can certainly afford it.
They're probably subsidized by the govt.

Walmart Losing Business, Looks to Retool

Feb 23rd 2011 3:25PM Just about all stores have everything made in China, now. Anyway, WalMart isn't the only store raising the price of food/groceries. Prices are going up on all food/groceries no matter who you buy from! It's the difference in prices between WalMart and other stores that should remain the same, no matter what the prices are. If the difference in prices between WalMart and its competitors diminishes, then they have a problem. Does anyone know where you can go to purchase home and clothing products,etc that are NOT made in China?
I don't shop at WalMart, their quality and service SUCKS!

Birthday Numerology

Feb 10th 2011 7:37PM Ohhh, this is all very believable. More so than health care not costing us anything, global warming, all salesman tell the absolute truth, unemployment is only 9%, politicians are basically honest &, law abiding citizens, all retail stores' management provide excellent service to their "guests", and the Easter Bunny is going to be here soon.
Lighten up people! Be a kid again!

Texas Stuns No. 2 Kansas, Breaks Jayhawks' 69-Game Home Winning Streak

Jan 22nd 2011 9:02PM Any college basketball team can lose to any team on any day. It's who can make it to the sweet sixteen that counts, and even then the best teams sometimes don't make it. Basketball has become a game that is won or lost, by the most part, in the last 4 to 5 minutes, maybe less. Just like soccer and hockey. The physical capability of man has reached its pinnacle. Contests in Olympics are won or lost in milli-seconds now.
That's why footbal and baseball are more fun to watch. The more there are on a team, the more chance of error or mistakes, therefore more fun to watch. Even in those sports, games sometimes are won in the bottom of the 9th, or the last minute in a football game. It would be wise for no one to bet on any sports games, or the ponies.

AP Top 25 Poll: Ohio State Is New No. 1

Jan 17th 2011 10:30PM ZZZZZZZZZ!!!

Jim Tressel, Ohio State Can and Should Suspend Players for Sugar Bowl

Dec 30th 2010 2:08PM I was born and raised in Ohio, and always a Buckeye Fan. I don't recall OSU ever receiving a NCAA Penalty, or suspension. Because of this, I beleive Tressle should suspend the players for the Sugar Bowl. This would certainly help the University's reputation for seeking excellence and honesty in athletics and scholastics.

Terrelle Pryor Among Five Ohio State Players Suspended, but Not for Bowl

Dec 23rd 2010 7:39PM When colleges/universities only requirement in recruting is athletic ability, and athletic accomplishments then the athletic programs at all colleges/universities is going to be eroded away due to greed for money!
They sure as hell aren't looking for a potential nuclear Engineer!
Forget about sportsmanship, honor, university pride. Universities are just common prostitutes when it comes to their athletic programs bringing in the bucks. The NCAA is no different. Universities are now being used as spring boards for a lot of athletes to jump into the pros, make big money, be criminals, and enjoy groupies hanging all over them. Why should they act any different in college? I agree with another comment. Make them all finish their college education regardless of what sport they'll be ineligable for. Subjects should include morals, duty, citizenship, honor.

GM Comes Clean On Volt Drivetrain

Nov 13th 2010 7:31PM This car, and all like it is a waste of time. It is an interim car. GM has a prototype hydrogen fuel cell car that makes all current hybrid electric cars obsolete. They expect to produce the HFC car in ten to twenty years.
It's going to take a while to get the costs down so it's affordable.

Ryan Clark: NFL 'Ruined' by Crackdown on Helmet-to-Helmet Hits

Nov 8th 2010 12:03PM Patrick, besides not able to have any meaningful to retort, takes life way to seriously!

Ryan Clark: NFL 'Ruined' by Crackdown on Helmet-to-Helmet Hits

Nov 8th 2010 9:03AM I say, take off all of the armour and let them have at it! The team with the most kills at the end of the day is the winner! For the smaller player, give them a knife and a can of pepper spray. No referees and no need for medical insurance, as their multi million dollar a year contracts allow them to afford health care. Players with the most injuries will have the most gold star tatoos. Footballs will weigh 41 pounds to keep the women out of the game, (They're not allowed to lift over 40 pounds).
The arenas and coliseums will be packed. TV ratings will hit the roof!


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