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Glenn Beck Nominates Replacement, Discusses Departure from FOX Show

Apr 7th 2011 10:03AM You must be dizzy from all the liberal spin.

Charlie Sheen to CBS: 'We're at War'

Feb 28th 2011 11:28AM I believe Mr. Sheen has "wet brain." We, not he, are the ones suffering from it.

Party On: 'Wayne's World' Returns to 'SNL'

Feb 7th 2011 1:20AM As for the ladies, don't forget Gilda Radner and Jane Curtin.

Did Regis Philbin Quit Over a Pay Cut Dispute?

Jan 24th 2011 5:23PM I hear Keith Olbermann is available.

Wisconsin Man Shoots TV, Points Gun at Wife After Seeing Bristol Palin on 'Dancing With the Stars'

Nov 17th 2010 4:40PM Why did he shoot the TV? Couldn't he find the remote?

Exclusive: Joy Behar Speaks Out About Walking Off 'The View'

Oct 15th 2010 12:04PM Go, BILL!!! I expected this kind of behavior from Joy, but Whoopi really made a fool of herself by walking off the set. However, I'm sure those two women spurred the sale of 'Pinheads and Patriots' by at least 100,000, and raised his ratings, besides. Guess who the pinheads are!!

More Bad News for 'Outlaw'

Oct 11th 2010 2:58PM Ugly Betty was on ABC; this is NBC. DUH

'Parker Spitzer' Premieres on CNN

Oct 5th 2010 3:36PM Somehow, shortening the name of the show to "Park and Spit" seems appropriate.

How to Wear the Denim Eye Makeup Trend

Sep 29th 2010 11:21AM My first thought was that they looked like they were from "The Night of the Living Dead." I've always liked eye makeup, but their eyes look like the kind of stuff eye makeup is used to COVER! GEEEZZ, Loise!

The Viagra Divide -- Why Are Female Sex Enhancers Banned From TV?

Sep 16th 2010 12:55PM Birth control prevents a medical condition--pregnancy--and if you think there's something wrong with that, I certainly hope you're pro-choice, because abortion is the logical result of a pregnancy YOU don't consider a medical condition.


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