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'Manning Up' by Kay Hymowitz: Has the Rise of Women Turned Men Into Boys?

Mar 19th 2011 8:50AM Katy,

The man you are discussing is an "immature young adult". these are not representative of men who have accepted being a man, but those who have avoided it.

Sorry that you're experience w men has jaded you so. Your boys are pu$$ies because you raised them to be.

Why Is Charlie Sheen on Edge? 'He's Cash Poor,' Says Insider

Mar 9th 2011 4:37PM agreed. The half man doesn't make it.

Ditch Judith and the teen, let Alan inherit Chaz's money (after Charlie and Rose are killed on thier honeymoon. Let Rose do some "dead" cameos, but never speak Charlie's name agin.

24 Jobs With Low Stress and High Pay

Dec 15th 2010 10:22PM Me too, only just three years of it.

Your Career is In the Cards (of Destiny)

Oct 28th 2010 9:42AM How dare they use the word science with this crap.

Top 10 2010 MLB All-Star Game Snubs

Jul 5th 2010 6:47PM Two words - Armando Galarraga

Seven Nasty Job Scams

May 31st 2010 5:22PM Debra, We're not talking aboiut assitance projects for people who needs a hand. They're talking about scammers who are only out to steal the money of the unsuspecting or the gullible. Anyone who prevents someone from ghetting attached to one of these scams is doing that person a big favor.

5 Shortcuts to a Perfect Lawn

May 29th 2010 11:55AM Actually Bush Hog AND Brush Hog are registered trademarks of two companies that both make heavy duty mowers.

Farewell, Ernie: Detroit Loses Its Voice

May 5th 2010 5:53PM Second your comment, garacud. The whole world could learn from Ernie.

Farewell, Ernie: Detroit Loses Its Voice

May 5th 2010 5:49PM So long old pal. You were half of the Tigers team to me as a kid.

If they pitch them "up there", I know you'll keep calling them. Say "Hi" to Paul.


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