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The Daily Fix: Brighten Faded Carpets and Rugs

Jul 30th 2010 1:10AM Use equal parts salt and hot water. the author said

Riders on the Storm -- Norman Ollestad's Escape From Tragedy

Jun 17th 2009 8:28AM Chantelle, when I hear people rant and rave about forgiveness from God, I smile. Wisdom about God is knowing that is 'one smart dude' up there. I am sure that if He can figure out how to create a universe in seven days, He can figure out the basis of all our sins and judge them fairly accordingly. He never sent me the memo on asking for help in that department with others, so until He does, I leave the 'tragedy' of His wisdom in His hands. Somehow I think the saying of the Bible-"The first shall be last and the last shall be first" applies to our cynical judgement of others whom we think should not make it through but by His wisdom always had the first offer of the first line in the first rowe from the beginning. Dumbfounding the wise, pertains to those who consider themselves wise in thier own eyes:}

Dancing With The Stars: Week 5 results

Oct 24th 2007 6:48AM Marie Osmond is loved. Plain and simple. She always has been since her first debut on stage and never changed.
She is perhaps one of the few, if not the only star, that never got a big head, never got arrogant, never tripped over her own ego and never let us down. Going home next week?
Not of the vast majority of phone calls have anything to say about it. Performance, is 25 % ability and 75% charisma. Marie could stand still with her incredible charisma and still be voted in:}

Memama & Mimiwag's Chicken & Dumplings Recipe

Aug 25th 2007 4:19PM Sigh. At last. REAL FOOD RECIPE! I feel so sorry for anyone in the North who never got to try southern chicken and dumplings-what a waste of life to go without it. Dad always made it for me on my birthday no matter how old I got. Pots and pots of it and because it was my birthday I could eat as much as I liked. He threw in some chicken backs for flavor too, and went the extra mile to let the broth chill overnight to pull off the too much fat that gathered. If it is done correctly, the dumplings (yes, they are authentic southern dumplings!) create a rich, rich gravy type broth to sit on top of the dumplings when you spoon them out. This is NOT a comfort food~ THIS is simply southern Heaven!
Thanks to the author, the recipe is the basic foundation for anyone that wants to add or subtract. What you do not want to play too much with is the dumplings. For those who are fearful, dumplings premade can be found in most freezer departments of stores or online for oder, ready to drop in the broth. Don't be fooled though, homemade has something over the frozen hands down.

Prize-Winning Gingerbread Houses

Jan 1st 2007 3:29PM Anyone can have a ball with making these. I do the short version. Simple box as foundation. Royal Icing covering it. Cookies like Graham Crackers as walls. Shredded wheat for roofs. Just slap on the plaster of royal icing, grab some treats, let your imagination go and you can delight crowds. The box version is great for kids and super, super fast to make. Using boxes instead of gingerbread I have created crowd pleasers from two inches tall to six feet tall for a company display. No idea what the pull is about these but everyone's eyes light up with them. Cost? Nada. Two egg whites, candy, cookies anything on hand.

Why Am I Feeling OK About This?

Nov 8th 2006 5:51AM I am feeling wonderful about the Election. I actually shed a tear on learning we are fast becoming a Democratic Country again.
When you learn in Florida, only the Illegal Aliens are given emergancy medical medicaid, when those objecting are attacked by thier own state members, you realize just how horrible those in power have turned our Country into.

Do your kids "bore" you?

Aug 1st 2006 3:18PM The mother is simply honest.
Face it, raising children is hard work, no matter how you want to put it, nanny or not. If anything goes wrong, the mother is the culprit. If it goes right, she gets no credit. We have developed brains. Children do not develop fully until they are 21 science shows.

How many parents, could not wait for a moment in the bathroom but dont say it? Or a hot tub. Or dream of a housecleaner once a week.

Then they get to be teens and you have the horror of your life facing you day after day. Boring? Not only boring they are the hardest work on earth to tackle. The most non appreciating. They take every dime you make, every moment of your waking thoughts, your sanity, your hair falls out, your life ends when thiers begins.

I agree that we are making a society of narcistic children, the results speak for themselves.

All said, it is LOVE, and no other reason, we go through what we do for our children. That love will take it all from all people for them. And from them.

The boys have a great mother. She is at least honest, where most of those who call her names and condemn her, are not willing to be honest even with themselves. I am a parent. I can not be fooled about the conditions of child raising. I would die for my daughter in a split second. She was not only boring at times, she was seldom co-operative and very often more work than any person could handle.

I doted on her hand and foot day after day. Never left for a day off, never did not come home. Gave up dates, simply a life to meet all the criterias of parenting. College, work, it all came far down the list.

Boring was at times the mildest I experianced in raising her as a single mother.

I say, let the woman talk. Maybe we can all learn how to be that honest with our children.


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