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Ginger Brannen

Ginger Brannen

Member Since Mar 4th, 2009

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Red Eyeliner: Is It Pink Eye or Perfection?

Jul 5th 2011 1:10PM Very Tacky!

Neil Patrick Harris Announces Engagement to David Burtka

Jun 27th 2011 8:46AM So sad that (2) very good looking guys are in this situation. It is not up to me to judge. Saying that, according to God's Holy word, this is not acceptable. I will pray for their change of heart.

Johnny Depp Debuts Short Haircut (Photo)

May 10th 2011 10:15AM Very Cool.... Looks good! Always looks good!

Kendra Wilkinson Reveals Plans to Have Another Baby

May 5th 2011 9:57AM Why does everyone want to take positive and make it negative? They are living in the present, not the past! Kendra, you were fantastic on DWTS. You will be missed. I hope you have wonderful and happy times ahead. Go ahead and relax a little, you deserve it!

Dennis Quaid on Randy: 'I Love My Brother'

Apr 11th 2011 12:46PM Carthy, Dennis has lead pretty much a private life except for the medical problems he had with his boys. Who are we to judge on what we do not know. He said he loved his brother and he missed his brother... what else could he have said. I respect that, so should you..

Scarlett and Sean Make It Official at Reese's Wedding

Mar 28th 2011 4:29PM Nice language Holly!

Legendary Actress Elizabeth Taylor Dies at Age 79

Mar 23rd 2011 9:59AM you will be missed! Please say hello to Michael.

LeAnn Rimes Goes From Toned to Tiny, Says She's 'Healthy'

Mar 16th 2011 4:17PM She needs a supersized banana milk shake.

Taco Salad Recipe

Mar 11th 2011 10:09AM Yum! That looks good... time to eat yet?

How to Save on Gas as Prices at the Pump Climb

Mar 4th 2011 1:28PM How about getting a much much earlier start and either ride your bike or walk.


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