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rob in Louisiana

rob in Louisiana

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LeAnn Rimes Shows Off 'Curves' Over July 4th Holiday (Photo)

Jul 6th 2011 6:27AM Was Lee Ann ever a man?

Testing: 8 Odd Ways to Get Rid of Ants

Jul 6th 2011 6:21AM boric acid; very cheap; works 100%

Linda Hogan to Hulk: 'Be a Big Boy' and Apologize

Jul 1st 2011 7:31PM One word: M O N E Y

Glenn Beck's Next Act? Launching Discount Deals Site

May 26th 2011 11:33AM I think I am going to puke over this last comment

LeAnn Rimes Marries Eddie Cibrian

Apr 23rd 2011 7:06PM Lee Ann Rimes is either a Drag Queen; or a man who had sex change surgery. She is butt ugly.

Boy Genius, 12, Has Higher IQ Than Einstein, Developing His Own Theory of Relativity

Mar 30th 2011 12:43PM I had NO idea of how to do algebra as a kid in school. I was tested at LSU; and found to have a 140 IQ. I also could NEVER memorize lists; and had to play defense in High School football because I could NOT remember the plays. I have hidden this away my entire life; if I didnt not keep notebooks on "HOW to do things" I would never have survived I have let my sense of humour cover up this terible embarrasment. I am 64 now; and would love to know why this crippled me my entire life?

Dannon to Pay $21 Million to Settle Charges It Overstated Yogurt's Health Benefits

Dec 16th 2010 12:40PM Why is it only 21 million? Dannon must be laughing all the way to the bank. WHO turned them in; ExLax?

Actress Jill Clayburgh Dead at Age 66

Nov 6th 2010 10:53AM who was she?

Minka Kelly Is Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive, Talks Stripper Mom, Overpriced Jeans

Oct 11th 2010 7:37PM Go visit the LSU Campus in Baton Rouge; I am guessing 250 girls prettier than her; who came in second?

Glenn Beck Estimates 'Restoring Honor' Rally Attendance at 500,000 (VIDEO)

Aug 31st 2010 5:21PM beck is an egomaniac; he appears to be a bi polar patient in his actions. the question is WHO bankrolls this crazy guy?


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