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The Vanilla Ice Project: Our Revealing Q&A with the Rapper-Turned-Remodeler

Oct 11th 2010 9:05AM Come on Rob, loose the 'effing cocked ballcap. Your in your 40's, act your age. And what's up with DIY Network? Trying to become the next TLC or VH1 by programming that features freaks? Aren't there enough freaks on the tube today?

2012 Dodge Durango (or is that Magnum?) revealed on Twitter

Jul 24th 2010 10:05AM As an owner of a 2006 Dodge Magnum, please don't call this one a Magnum. It's a kiss of death for the nameplate. Frankly I thought it idiotic for Dodge to drop the last Magnum. It's a great car! Unique, and far more interesting then this forgettable, look alike to everything else SUV on the road. Bring us a two door Charger damnit.

'Oprah Winfrey Show' Fades in Ratings

Jun 30th 2010 1:10PM I'll tell you why her ratings have plummetted. Her support of Barack Obama and his dismal preformance since taking the White House. It only stands to reason. As his star fades, so does her's as she pushed and threw money at him. Her star has certainly fallen in my book.

Kim Kardashian Messes Up Justin Bieber's Hair

Jun 15th 2010 12:23PM Anybody remember Leif Garret? Last I saw he was tooling around town in an old former taxi cab he picked up cheap.

Kim Kardashian Messes Up Justin Bieber's Hair

Jun 15th 2010 9:25AM In the real world, with real, normal people, like you and me, a 29 yo woman following around a 16 yo kid, would find herself in jail. Lets take it further and reverse the genders. A 29 yo guy following around a 16 you girl. Jail time baby, and a lifelone stigma as a child preditor. Where's Stone Phillips and NBC's Dateline?

My Morning Jacket Grow Tired of 'Southern Rock' Label

Apr 6th 2010 2:53PM TheTruth said.....
at 4-06-2010What are you guys all 50 years old on here?? MMJ rocks and would put lame ass lynard skinard to shame.... in fact, I was listening to them when I read this post.. get with the times grandpa

The thing you have to understand Truth, is we oldsters are the only ones with the discretionary income to afford to buy any kind of music. When you young dipshits can get your shit out of your parents basement, load it up on your bicycles, or your girlfriends car, and live on your own, you can make staements about what is good music. But until that time, stay out of the tatoo parlors and get a frigging jobs.

An 'Incredible Future' Ends Needlessly

Apr 5th 2010 10:05AM We need legistration to make it unlawful to consume alcohol under the age of 21 without wearing a government approved helmet.

Belle and Sebastian Ending Four-Year Hiatus

Mar 8th 2010 11:40AM The singer of Sparkle Horse committed suicide? More then likely becuase his mom made him use a name his little sister liked.

Belle and Sebastian Ending Four-Year Hiatus

Mar 8th 2010 11:38AM My God! Has it been four years???? Goodness, how time flys. I didn't even miss them, let alone ever heard of them. I knw this had to be another one of those stories about a band or musician nobody has ever heard of that is a staple of AOL new reporting. Hey AOL! You suck!

Steven Tyler Won't Be Ousted From Aerosmith Without a Fight

Feb 2nd 2010 1:25PM I'm 51. Loved Aerosmith as a teenager in the 70's. Getting old is hard enough without seeing the guys I once idolized now as old farts trying to act like 20 somethings again. It just makes me hate being older and wishing it were still 1974. Retire guys or change career paths and start playing new age jazz. Age gracefully please, and know your limits. A guy 60 years old shaking his ass is a joke.


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