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Unusual Uses: Computer Keyboard Crafts

Feb 25th 2010 2:11PM Actually, I saw an idea, using Scrabble tiles, but it would work with these too.
Simply hot-glue tiles to drawer fronts, or smooth-backed drawer pulls, to spell words. Great idea for a child's room, as the drawers can be labeled- shirths, pants, etc.

You could also label pensil holders, storage bozes, shelving and canisters in the same way. I saw canisters done in a black, yellow and white kitchen- sugar, flour, tea, coffee. This would be a good idea too.

I suppose they could be used to alphabetize the front of file cabinets etc. as well.

Unusual Uses: 10 Clever Uses for Colanders

Feb 25th 2010 2:01PM I use a large old colander to sift compost into a tub. I then have finished, fine compost to spread lightly over new plants, add to potted plants and seed trays. The large leftover pieces get dumped back into the pile to finish breaking down.

I also covered a sunflower once the seed head was nearly mature. It saved some seeds for me, when the birds came calling, and it kept the seedshead from shattering and dropping seeds all over the ground. Air can get in to let it ripen and dry. You have to match the size colander to sunflower size. Mine fit snuggly and needed no tape to hold it, but tape or string could be used to hold it on.

Another good use is to speed ripening of strawberries on the plant. The metal holds in the heat. Be careful you don't burn the plant, though!

In a pinch, a colander can be used to strain leaves and debris from ornamental and fish small ponds, (if the kids tore your net, say ;- just be sure to not scrape your fish.)

I use one to evenly distribute wood ashes around my plants to sweeten the soil and provide potassium and calcium (tomatoes love it.)

Mix tiny lettuce and carrot seeds with sand in a bucket or old coffee can. Pour into a colander held over your prepred soil. Shake to evenly distribute the seeds. If you have darker than sand soil you can see where and how much soil you have covered.

If you have very light soil, use colander to sift peat moss or dark potting soil over the area first, then use sand/seed mixture as above
You will save yourself the headache of extensive thinning later, and not waste seed.

Unusual Uses: 24 Ways to Reuse Milk Cartons

Feb 25th 2010 1:38PM For large home freezers, fill, not-quite-full (to allow for expansion) clean cartons with water and freeze. A full freezer runs more efficiently and if the power gows out food will stay frozen longer. Cartons stack on their side better than round plastic jugs. When you need room to store more food, remove cartons. Store extras beside the freezer to add as food is taken out.

On hot days, a cube removed from the carton can be added to a birdbath, overheated kiddie pool, or even animals watering containers/bowls/troughs.

(Great for chickens- is stays clean, melts slowly.)

When going on vacation, poke a couple holes in the bottom of a froxen carton with a nail. Nestle the carton down in the soil next to your plant. The water will be slowly released to the plant.
You can do this for young plants that need water throughout the day, also. Just unscrew the lid to add water and fill containers each evening. This conserves water and supplies water to just where it is needed.

(I took this a step further- I used my blender to make a compost smoothie for my plants. Using a funnel I filled the jugs half full of the liquified compostable kitchen scraps, then filled to the top with water! (Rabbit pellets would be easy to use this way for fertilizer. I'd only add about a handful per jug. :)

Unusual Uses: Digital Cameras - 22 Clever Uses

Feb 25th 2010 1:14PM Helpful for gardening too! Take pictures at gull bloom or growth, reduce size and print. Encloce is heavyduty ziplock bags or even laminate. Hot glue onto a stake ot tie onto a tree or bush with elastic string. Also, take/find pictures in calalogs or at the nurshery of what that baby plant will be and look like, to do the same thing. You can even print out care instructions. I have pictures of my plant/tree/shrub wish list- many taken in neighborhoods I visit.
Picture records are great if you keep a gardening journal, or is you lose a plant stake.

Celebrating the 12 Days of (Cheap) Christmas

Dec 17th 2009 12:10AM Fun article, Mr. williams! Thank you!

Protecting Our Kids From Obama's Subversive 'Eat Your Peas' Message

Sep 4th 2009 11:12PM How awesome! Reagan spoke to students, and even discussed taxes and other political issues, and Bush addressed students about the importance of getting an education, so i think it is appropriate for President Obama to also speak to the importance of education to the students of today. It is of even more importance today, for our youth to get the best education they can get and to strive toward being prepared for a global workplace.

I think the race of our President gives him a unique perspective to reach out to minorities in this country, to challenge all people, irregardless of circumstance or race to strive for their goals. To take that message to students in our schools, at a time when many schools are having to do more, with less money, I think is responsive and an urgently needed message to the youth who are educated in this country.

I do not, for the life of me understand anyone being upset with the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES addressing students in our own country!

The way people are acting, it's as if Saddam himself were being allowed to take over the air waves. This is the President of our country, a role we should all respect, and all children should be taught to give due respect toward.

I know many people felt Bush was a liar and a tyrant of sorts, but you did not see them freaking out when he addressed the students of our country!

Parents need to act like the adults they are supposed to be. What do you think Obama would possibly say that you'd be opposed to, for crying out loud?!
Of all the things a student 'learns' in school, the many jaded and contrary things they hear and see, the poor examples and injustices, the lewd jokes and crude language, you are worried about a positive message about education, coming from the Predient of the United States?
Get real!!!

Do you screen the belief system and political leanings of the teachers who spend all day, every day, in front of your children? Are you able to hear and see everything they say and do when they are in front of your children? You will, undoubtedly get to hear/see every word President Obama speaks directly to your child. i suspect you will (should) feel ashamed of throwing such a hissy-fit over nothing, when this is all said and done.
Shame, shame on all of you hysterical screechers for turning this into a circus, when it should be seen as a positive message from the leader of the greatest nation of Earth.

Do you really need to bring that to college? How to save going back to school

Jul 15th 2009 11:01PM Wow, thanks for a wonderful article! I wish I'd read this when my older child went off to college! It gave me some perspective for the one heading out as a freshman this fall. You can bet she'll read it too! There are so many unknowns, and hearing common sense from others who have been there and done that is invaluable. I espeially needed to know about technological needs- and no one at orientation gave us the info we needed, just pushing the college-sponsored seller's wares.
Thank you, thank you!
My child has worked as hard as she was able at the job she was able to find- is she needs help with a reasonable cell phone plan and a hpone card to call from her college-supplied landline, then I think that's the least we can do. She's worked hard for 13 years of school, so far, and earned scholarships- I will expect her to work as she's able, but being a student will be her full-time job, and I don't see anything wrong with parents helping with cell phone costs. She can't use a bike- no use on steep-hilly campus- so check campus before you buy that bike!

Free bread-bowl-pasta lunch at Domino's on April 29

Apr 29th 2009 1:26PM Our local Dominoes told me they did it yesterday, April 28th! I decided to call ahead! You better do the same!!!

Donate to Those in Need

Apr 3rd 2009 7:15PM Clothes, baby gear and clothes, medical supplies (walkers, bedpans and the like) are usually needed, contact the Department of Social Services in your area. Kids clothes are needed by foster parents- desperately, as children often go to homes with nothing but the clothes on their backs- and foster parents must scramble to find clothes and baby supplies.
Many churches give clothes free to needed people- call and ask. Schools can use empty ink carterages to raise much needed funds through recycling that pays the schools. Kids clothing and coats, school supplies may be needed at schools- call and ask.


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