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Win an autographed Audi flag from this year's Twelve Hours of Sebring

Mar 26th 2011 11:03AM Wow, that would be an awesome prize. Even though they didn't win Sebring this year, they have still been the most successful sports car team in the last decade. Having McNish's, TK's, and Rocky's signatures would be awesome!

Mophie Juice Pack Air for iPhone 4: Review and giveaway

Jan 5th 2011 8:39AM Marathon Wesnoth gaming sessions!

Fanatec's latest Porsche 911 GT2 gaming wheel gives your virtual that much more reality

Dec 22nd 2010 9:26AM There's no key. These damn Porsches only have push button starts these days.

Fanatec's latest Porsche 911 GT2 gaming wheel gives your virtual that much more reality

Dec 22nd 2010 8:55AM Anybody having problems with this wheel and GT5? I've heard some grumblings about them locking up after playing for a couple hours or so. I'm also thinking about trading up from my G27 and crappy xbox wheel.

RapidWeaver 5.0: TUAW exclusive first look and promo code giveaway

Dec 1st 2010 12:30PM My finance and I are having a destination wedding next June. I'd like to put together a website with travel info, as well as things to do around town.

Video: Local Motors ups Rally Fighter fleet to 5 vehicles, all going to SEMA

Oct 28th 2010 2:07PM I caught that too. I always thought it could use more sbc.

Barnes & Noble intros Nook Color: the worst of all worlds

Oct 28th 2010 9:58AM You're commentary on iPad rivals (either real or imagined) is about as insightful and interesting as your commentary on, not very.

Report: Next Mazda RX-8 to use Sky G rotary

Sep 8th 2010 3:37PM Agreed. Good for them.

But as an RX-8 owner that does his own oil changes, is it too much to ask them to move the stupid oil filter to the bottom of the engine? I'm tired of dribbling oil down the side of my block whenever I need to swap in some fresh dino juice.

Vapor iPhone case review and giveaway

Aug 26th 2010 12:59PM Red would be awesome, but any color will do.


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