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Keith McDuffee

Keith McDuffee

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A Number of Ways to See Monday's 'How I Met Your Mother'

Jan 4th 2011 11:41AM We listed the numbered items here:

Though I will say that I believe the whole point of the numbering was that it’s a message, basically saying pay more attention to life (the plot line) than other superfluous stuff (the countdown), or otherwise you’ll end up missing the good stuff and only be shocked back to life by catastrophes (Marshall’s dad dying).

How-To: Create PDFs from your iOS device

Nov 16th 2010 10:29PM That's great for web pages, but there will be many other apps (email, etc.) that support printing on iOS. For those, Joiliprint is useless.

AT&T MicroCell brings more bars, but at a cost

May 12th 2010 2:27PM I get that it has a GPS to locate you, but does that stop you from taking it with you, say, on vacation to other areas of the country? Or is this a set-up once and then you can't move it thing?

Creators of 'Reaper' Reveal How the Show Would Have Ended

Feb 2nd 2010 12:20PM I actually did ask them that very question re: the comic book route. I'll post their answer in another post, but essentially they just lost interest and steam in the idea once the show wasn't picked up again. There was talk of a comic book *during* the show's run, but it never got off the ground.

Incidentally, both of their husbands are comic book writers and all four of them are collaborating on one, to come out in the future.

Review: How I Met Your Mother - Girls vs. Suits

Jan 11th 2010 8:49PM In case anyone's as interested in lyrics as I am, here they are for "Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit":

Review: How I Met Your Mother - The Playbook

Nov 17th 2009 10:24AM We've got a non-cached version of the shot of Wikipedia, if anyone cares (has Mr. Matterhorn's picture):

How I Met Your Mother: The Sexless Innkeeper

Oct 13th 2009 2:14PM Definitely one of the better episodes of the season. Heck, of the past two seasons.

In case anyone's interested, I transcribed the two poems:

Castle: Fool Me Once

Oct 13th 2009 9:15AM Anyone else catch the obscure Firefly reference?


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