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dm neu

dm neu

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The Daily Fix: Remove Rust From Tools

Apr 13th 2010 10:30AM I just soak them overnight with Coke/Pepsi. Best solution around. Then lightly oil with WD40.

Is Kevin Smith Too Fat to Fly? (VIDEO)

Feb 16th 2010 10:01AM If you cannot fit into a seat, it has been the policy of all airlines to charge you for a 2nd seat since at least the mid 1950's. If you have to flip up the armrest to fit,, you are overflowing into the seat next to you, and that person does not have their full seat. That is very uncomfortable for everyone.

AIG execs threaten to quit if pay is cut

Dec 7th 2009 11:13AM They caused the recession. Don't give them a raise. Fire them! No severance! Break up AIG so this never happens again. Taxpayers don't ever need this stress again because of greedy execs.

Citigroup wants to pay big bonuses

Apr 30th 2009 9:38AM If no one can pay those bonuses then they have nowhere to go! The compensation for Wall Street needs to be restructured!


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