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MaryLou Michelin

MaryLou Michelin

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Sofia Vergara Buys Beverly Hills Villa for $10.6 Million

Apr 14th 2014 8:47AM I think it is a bargain for the area it is located in and very beautiful= love the fresh clean lines and elegant simplicity- open, light and airy- Good for you Sofia Vergara--the bath rooms are perfect. :)

Phoenix Home Wrecked in Hostage Standoff -- Who's Responsible?

May 27th 2013 3:48PM Looks they went out of their way to destory the property -

Delta Employees Reunite Boy With Treasured Shirt

Apr 24th 2013 9:57AM Delta has some of the nastiest people working for them, I am surprised at the wonderful deed that was done. Maybe there is hope yet.

Bad Neighbors: Why the Brothel-Next-Door Goes Unnoticed

Feb 17th 2013 2:13PM My neighbor -2 houses down- stole $25,000 along with Extend-a-Haul. The wife said they woyuld pay me back when they sold Extend-a- Haul---didn't happen. No one cares what the neighbors are anymore. I rather have a brothel than a thief-

A Message From the Team

Dec 21st 2012 11:08AM Leave the gun laws alone. Do you think more gun laws are going to stop anyone that wants an automatic weapon from getting one? If you do believe this you are so stupid- just plan stupid. Start teaching your kids respect-honor-pride-. None of this crap happend when I was a kid- and my dad had a few rifles for hunting. Did we dare even touch them----not on your life-why? because my Father said "no".

10 Essential Destinations In Mexico

Jul 19th 2012 6:57PM I have been to Mexico many many times. Just hope the Federallies don't take your home---they can you know-

10 Essential Destinations In Mexico

Jul 19th 2012 10:03AM I would not go to Mexico for any amount of money in this world. bang-bang- the drug dealers don't like your looks

Are Your Neighbors Running a Hidden Marijuana Operation?

Jul 7th 2012 10:12AM Good going- of course I see no reason we should have to hide growing pot---

Texas Family Wins Fight Against HOA to Keep Pet Kangaroo

Mar 5th 2012 9:44PM HOA think they are way to powerful. I live in a HOA tract and believe me never again. It is supposed to be the "owners of homes" that reside here-that is what I was told when I bought---but they have rented out a couple homes and one home they rented is to thieves. Also I was not told there was a HOA until I was at the escrow office. Never again. Bunch of snobby little 'itches'.

David Schwimmer Turns Historic Home Into Teardown

Feb 8th 2012 6:17PM Idiot- like he could not find an equally lovely spot for his home. he will have bad luck in his new place. He has disturbed the spirits of old.


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