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Yelp and OpenTable Team Up So You Never Need to Speak to a Hostess Again

Jun 6th 2010 9:29AM Matthew Zuras spews from his Holier - Than - Thou perch:

" to avoid having to speak directly with the front-of-the-house plebes"

Obviously the author needs to work at a "plebes" job for a while to fully understand the nature of working the front lines.

Mr. Zuras, may you lose your "writing" job and have to actually work someday. Lose the attitude, and maybe I wiill read your submissions the next time I see your name at the top.

Opinion: Don't Be Scared, Sandra Bullock; I've Been There

Apr 29th 2010 12:50PM Geez, do you really think Bullock is reading this? I never feel sorry for the wealthy anyway, so who cares?

Supergrass to Split After 17 Years, Farewell Gigs Announced

Apr 13th 2010 9:52AM ROB: "If a band plays in a forrest for 17 years, and then breaks up....would anyone hear them?
apparently not"



'Orange Is the New Black' -- I Spent a Year in a Women's Prison

Apr 13th 2010 9:01AM One year and we have an expert, with all the answers and suggestions as to how to fix the system...

The Ending We Needed: Phil and Amy, Hugging

Apr 12th 2010 8:56AM QUOTE FROM ARTICLE: "in what will stand as a very necessary and uplifting moment at a time when scandals -- including a trashy one involving Tiger Woods -- have demoralized the American spirit,"

What, some rich elite golf dude has girlfriends outside of marriage, and thus MY spirit is demoralized...? The media will never cease to amaze me.

Trade Secrets of a Department Store Salesperson

Apr 8th 2010 11:14PM Garence L: So go take a Spanish course and get a job. I mean, how hard is it?

Ivy Love: Why Students Really Shouldn't Sleep With Their Professors

Apr 8th 2010 11:05PM This is bunk. Why do we have rules for "kids" that in the real world don't apply? People have sex everyday for power or monetary gain. Might as well learn this stuff early on.

Social Security disability cases time lag: Ohio is worst

Apr 8th 2010 10:56PM You just have to be the right color and know how to lie. It's easy!

As the Auto Industry Sputters, Is Car Culture Dying?

Mar 15th 2010 12:51PM Yes, the government should control advertising, put us all on bicycles, and move us ever closer to the NWO.


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