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Sex Offenders' Homes Get Warning Signs in Bradford County, Fla.

May 10th 2013 12:06AM I've been studying the subject of "Rape" both Real and "Fake". The crime of rape is a very gray area because while there are victims of this crime. There are a lot of people who lie about this act. Why do they lie? Well, the list goes something like this: attention, money, alibi, child custody, racism... You commit this act and every necessary element required convicts you, so be it...BUT, far too many (men) are railroaded by the court of public opinion. Innocent lives are destroyed. All it takes is for someone to go to the police with a story and your life can be "Gone in 60 seconds"...while that may be a metaphor the reality is the same. Guilty til proven innocent. Here's the hard part. A woman who accuses you of rape, in that moment has more power than the President. So I'm not talking about the guilty ones....what about the innocent, railroaded ones. The one that can't afford a top-notch lawyer and gets 10,15,20,30,50 years=a sign?

Snapped: Nicki Minaj is Full of Tryx

Apr 11th 2011 8:35PM What amazes me is how individuals take the time to sit at a computer and allow their brains to spew such rhetoric. Not just on this topic, any topic. Don't you all have jobs, homes, families that need your attention. E V E R Y B O D Y has the right to get up in the am, go to sleep in the pm and what you do in your waking hours should be about YOU Turn on your computer then take a look in the mirror, come back to the computer and tell the world about yourself. We're all dying to hear about how wonderful YOU are and how much you make and please, share the part about how YOU look.

Career Lessons From the Recession

Feb 5th 2011 4:15PM Career Lessons From The Recession = I live/suffer in Las Vegas. While our lives all appear to suck air....I have appreciated reading the comments noted here. We're ALL suffering, we're all sick of it and we all need and deserve and answer. I wake up each day with (nothing) no job, no car, no money....Whats the f'ing point? I'm 52 healthy weigh 103lbs. This country has gone from your neighborhood "Help Wanted" sign to get a job===to Drug testing, credentials, first aid card, health card, cdl license, sheriff card, work card, tam card, background check, fingerprinting. Here a card, there a card everywhere a got damn card.......Is this a way to get a job or a way to keep people from having a job. Economic Downturn my ass. Change is inevitable but this is R I D I C U L O U S>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HELP!!!!!!! Thank you to the people who responded to this blog. I appreciated reading your comments. We could have a great conversation. People keep saying, "Hang in there, don't give up." Those same people have a car, rent money. I cry every day. Who wants to get up every morning=go to bed every night and not accomplish a got damn thing during there wake hours to make there tommorow a better place? Take Care, my friends in the struggle.

My Unemployed Life: Just Let Me Teach Again, Please?

Feb 2nd 2011 3:20PM I appreciated reading your story. I have been jobless since Dec. 08. I was accused of doing something I didn't do at my last job. I wanted the job, but to make matters worse the quote unquote supervisor wanted me to sign a document acknowledging the ramifications should it happen again. I refused, at that point he became irate, yelling at me in front of 15-20 co-workers. It was very embarrassing and the day after Christmas. I was devastated, pissed, hurt, wanted revenge. Filed for unemployment, they didn't even bother to show up. My benefits are exhausted and every day I want to just QUIT. At least once a day the thought of being dead vs homeless goes thru my head. I'm left with no car, no job, no money. Tax return is my last hurrah. To make matters worse a friend put up the money to buy me a car off C.List. The next day the sellers reported the car stolen and when we went to register the car it was confiscated. Talk about kicking someone when there down. I go to bed each night wondering what the next day will bring or take away. The car scam was reported to CL and the police. Purchase was Sept.2010 money was never returned and the police are too busy to care. Just another scam on CL.

Rachel Zoe Is 'Beyond Excited' She's Pregnant

Nov 18th 2010 12:44PM "Let me guess.......Twins"

50 Cent Helps Broadway Star Shannon Tavarez Find Bone Marrow Match


Childless by Choice: I Love My Independence, but There's a Price

May 2nd 2010 2:25AM Circle of Life==Lets start here for sake of argument. Grandparents, parents, self, have child. That child has a parent, a grandparent and greatgrandparents. By the time the child has a child, the greatgrandparents will probably be deceased. People with children continue the viability of the circle. People without children stop the circle of life. Life on this planet can be very lonely without off-spring. I personally only had one and given the chance would have had 2 so the circle of my life could continue. I look to my son for grandchildren one day so the circle can continue to evolve. Goodluck to you all in your preference. I vote Family First!

Security Adviser James Jones Criticized for Jewish-Themed Joke

Apr 27th 2010 12:52AM I agree with whoever said, "Lighten up!" funniest thing I've heard all day........and its Monday.

On Michelle Obama's iPod: Stevie Wonder, Beyonce, Sting and More

Apr 24th 2010 2:31AM Dear White America, I am a Obama supporter. I truly understand how hard it is for you to accept seeing a black man run this country. Black America is as shocked as you are. We thought the name White house meant exactly that (white house, white people). So when out of nowhere we became familiar with a young, aggressive, knowledgeable, smart, accredited, talented black man named Barack Obama, we were amazed yet happy. Then come to find this young, aggressive, knowledgeable, smart, accredited, talented black man wanted to be President of the United States. WOW!! I know this is a hard pill for you to swallow. But just for a second picture this (44 terms 42 white men / white house) = 44 terms/ 1 black man / white house, explain to me whats your problem? If we can deal with 43 terms of you all creating all this damage. Surely you all can calm down long enough to let this brother try to clean up the crap he inherited when he and his family took up residency on Penn. Ave. He's the President and he rolls up his sleeves everyday to take out years of garbage. No matter what any of you do or say....there is a black President in the White House and his name is Mr. Barack Obama aka Commander and Chief aka Mr. President. Thank You!

Obama to Wall Street: 'Join Us' on Financial Reform

Apr 22nd 2010 4:12PM Dear America on-line, it takes time for our leaders to fix (inherited) let me repeat I N H E R I T E D mess. I understand those of you who expected the brother to step in and make like Houdini and just make all the years of chaos to go know the 43 terms starring ex-presidents......where were all of you when this mess was being created. What will you do if everything he says turns out to be the exact recipe to fix our struggling nation? Well, one thing is for sure President Barack Obama has everyone finally paying attention to the White House.


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