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Everest Climbers Also Face Dangerous Runway

Jun 20th 2013 11:26AM When I was a cargo pilot, I flew with two captains that were former Navy carrier pilots. They both threw the rule books out the window.

Plane Took Seven Flights With Dead Stowaway In Wheel Well

Jun 13th 2013 10:05AM That's the Russian version of tourist class seating.

5 Unfinished Landmarks Worth A Visit

Apr 23rd 2013 8:39PM But Mt. Rushmore is not complete yet, and it won't be without President Ronald Reagan.

White House Gutted: See What It Looked Like Ripped Up From Head to Toe (PHOTOS)

Mar 3rd 2013 8:24PM Yes, there were rats in the building also. While Eleanor Roosevelt was serving tea to some ladies on the back porch, a large rat came waddling up to them, looked at them, and sauntered away. None of the women said anything about it because they didn't want to embarrass the First Lady.

Later, Harry Truman was hosting a party in one of the large rooms, and the chandelier overhead appeared to be loose. Truman feared it woild fall, but it didn't. Margaret Truman had a large Steinway piano in the music room. As Truman was walking by in the hallway, he heard a loud cracking sound, followed by a thud. He looked in the music room, and found that the piano had fallen through the floor. The Trumans moved out immediately to Blair House.

Pawn Mount Rushmore? Petition Calls for Mountain to Be Sold to Cover National Debt

Jan 22nd 2013 5:38PM Mt. Rushmore should have Ronald Reagan added to it.

5-Year-Old Boy Saves Family From House Fire in Beacon, N.Y.

Dec 1st 2012 2:45PM Parents should always listen to their kids. When I was about eight years old, a small rattlesnake came into the garage. It was about a foot long. Rattlesnakes are deadly when they first hatch. I ran into the living room and told my Dad. He didn't believe me, and after much prodding without result, I decided to act. I snatched away his newspaper, tearing it. He jumped out of the chair to spank me, but I ran to the garage. He found that I was telling the truth. He took a boat paddle and used it to grind the snake's head off.

5 Cheap Home Security Tricks to Keep Your House Safe

Oct 4th 2012 4:42PM These sound like some good ideas, but they left out the best one to deter intruders: A good old-fashioned handgun. Shoot the bastards, drop 'em in their tracks. BANG! Then savor the splat.

Recluse Walter Samaszko Jr. Left $7 Million in Gold Hidden In Carson City Home

Sep 18th 2012 8:39AM The problem is not the IRS, nor the confiscatory policies of the govarmint. It is the envious fools at the voting booth, the hateful voters who put in idiotic liberals to set policy.

Gary Harrington of Oregon Jailed for Illegal Rainwater Reservoirs on His Property

Aug 13th 2012 4:36PM Everybody needs to set up ponds on their land in protest, and the people need to vote out these clowns and excuse-makers. Get something on the politicians and go public. Maybe then they will leave homeowners alone. People should raise catfish in the ponds and scatter them on the state capital's front lawn.

Alan Ket, Graffiti Artist, Says His 'Murderers' Mural Was Censored by NYPD

Jul 27th 2012 4:27PM If the owner had not given permission, I would call this defacement of property.


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