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Liquids Surrendered At Airport Security: Is There An Afterlife?

Jul 12th 2012 11:16PM I've seen nailclippers, lighters, snowglobes and almost everything else that the TSA takes away at the checkpoints for sale at the bookstores strung amung the concourses and gates. Don't say they're not, because I will take phone pictures next week for proof as we go to pickup the granddaughter.
Jeff Foxworthy tells in a skit about leafblowers and weedeaters being in a display in Atlanta's airport of confiscated items, and who would take them on-board, he asks.

Jail Time for Phoenix Man Who Hosted Bible Study at His Home

Jul 8th 2012 9:38AM Barry Soetoro was correct, this is no longer a Christian Nation, it is Muslim or government-run.
THAT is the reason for global warming.
Hot enough for you yet?
Want it any hotter? Just keep on blaspheming!

A light sleeper's lament: six things you shouldn't do in a hotel

Jan 14th 2012 1:52PM My wife & I just cannot stand being trampled by the people and kids at the "free" breakfast bars we see at the chain hotels/motels we visit. We often wonder if they leave their own home kitchen tables as messy and smeared with food as they do in the hotel nook's.
Because of these reasons, we tend to sleep in and go to commercial restaurants for breakfast, but there's another problem we endure, door-slamming from 5AM to about 9AM if the hotel has an indoor corridor.
We sometimes search out a hotel with outdoor room doors so the door-slamming noise is reduced. Another plus to this is less baggage-carting distance.

Common Craze at The White House

May 11th 2011 9:13PM Michell through her taste in "music" and her choice in the artist, still hates America and the American Way, Truth, and Justice. To me this blows away the "spike" in the approval rating the "main stream" media has so unjustly awarded them in the wak of Osama's killing this month.

Are Red Rover, Kick Ball and Freeze Tag Risky Summer Camp Business?

Apr 19th 2011 9:31PM it's the woman's fault that sued McDonald's for stupidly spilling hot coffee on herself. That suit caused a lawsuit-happy world.
WE SHOULD ALL SUE HER FOR WHAT SHE CAUSED PLUS the person that poisoned pain capsules and made everyone put tamper-proof packaging on every product sold!

Bank of America Earnings Fall 39%

Apr 19th 2011 12:43AM $14 fee per month for an average checking balance under $2000 is way too much to charge to hold our money. The Obama-Pelosi bailouts ruined lots of people because of Fat-Cat's greediness

Cry Baby

Mar 20th 2011 12:07PM Whine about it to the people in Japan or OUR troops fighting for YOUR freedom overseas Kelli, while you tricked someone out of their first-class seats and brag about it on national TV.
YOU DISGUST ME! You are just like the KATHY-ME narcisist that you replaced.
Be thankful you have a family you have to come home to, some don't today.
Some don't even have that sandwich you threw away.

A Million Plug-in Cars by 2015? The President's Numbers Are a Stretch

Feb 25th 2011 1:47PM I have yet to see a plug-in anywhere, yet the big-O talks though his hat continuously. These so-called "clean" cars will depend on getting their power from dirty sources somewhere, either from nuke, coal, natural gas (both carbon-based) or the cleanest, water turbine generated or hydro-electric. Wind farms are still in infancy and not feasable except in 3%-5% of the land (usable to the grid).
So in the end, What good will the cars do to the environment if it takes dirty power to fuel the clean cars?

A Million Plug-in Cars by 2015? The President's Numbers Are a Stretch

Feb 23rd 2011 3:55PM NO PLUG-INS ANYWHERE, SO FAR. Anybody seen any, anywhere?


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