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dd prim

dd prim

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Unusual Uses for Aspirins

Sep 2nd 2010 1:03AM Never use aspirin directly on toothache or sore throat as advised here. It is an acid and you can cause more harm than good!!!!!!!!!!

The Doggie Diaries - Dueling DNA Tests

May 13th 2010 5:43PM If a dog is largely dalmation, you need to be aware that they are prone to hearing problems.

Former Democratic Gov. Roy Barnes Running Evenly with GOP Hopefuls in Georgia

Jan 24th 2010 9:41PM The headline should identify him as a "Democratic former governor." He's still a Democrat!

Why do I keep thinking Dr. Z is a phony?

Aug 11th 2006 11:41PM I think he's fantastic. I just want to know if he's single!!


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