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The 8 most annoying ad mascots on TV today

Sep 4th 2010 3:45AM william shatner in those terrible Hotel rate commercials!

Lindsay Lohan's Cycle: Bad Behavior, Apology, Repeat

Sep 1st 2010 5:38PM Been there,done it! And NO,it´s not pretty.... It´s a living HELL.....but it does save your LIFE!

Lindsay Lohan's Cycle: Bad Behavior, Apology, Repeat

Sep 1st 2010 5:21PM AMEN! AMEN! The truth hurts......but so does this continuing ENABLING by the parents and the (laughable( Court System!

Lindsay Lohan's Cycle: Bad Behavior, Apology, Repeat

Sep 1st 2010 5:06PM ¿why was the ONLY judge, Judge Ravel, that initially gave her the right sentencing for HER, JAIL, and REHAB for extended time periods, replaced on her case? Something smells here! Her shortened sentences only reinforce her belief that she can get away with anything! God help her! Judge Ravel TRIED to and failed. The Graveyard awaits her!

The Daily Fix: Tighten a Refrigerator Door Seal

May 5th 2010 2:10PM When I got married 40 yrs ago, I bought ALL GE appliances. I finally replaced the washer and dryer after over 30 yrs of usage, with only ONE service call. That was because a mouse got into the "block/switch" and shorted it out. We got rid of them because they were so outdated, Harvest Gold.......and the wife wanted new, updated ones, but they were still going strong. Just a minor leakage in the washer was it! The same with the dishwasher. HOWEVER the GE Fridge was a disaster from day one, as was the next 2 replacement GE´s ( one only lasted 3 days before the compressor went, the other lasted a month) Now we have all Maytag appliances.

Students Punished With Paddling, Suspension for Prom Dresses

Apr 27th 2010 6:11PM I don¨t wish to offend any LIBERALS or anyone else.
I simply want to share MY life experience with both sides of that coin!
I was raised in a very conservative south américan country......... we knew the rules and we knew the consequenias. IF we chose to disobey (which as kids, we did) we got our asses spanked, NOT WHIPPED..........the humilliation of having to succum, to that was more punishment than the actually spanking! We LEARNED from that! As did our forefathers!

We grew up to be professionals, and if not, at least decent, caring,human beings........ there are 12 siblings in my family me being the 13th..........and all turned out very well from the nurturing and the necessary SPANKING that we ALL got, now and then!!! We were never "whipped"

I live now in the US. married a Northamérican woman, had 2 sons.........and now 4 Grandchildren!
Both sons matured (in Catholic Schools) , marrying NICE girls.. have 2 children each.........and raise them the "papá" did! (thats me) The older son actually came to me about 8 yers ago......and said, "Pá brother and I , when we were growing up.......we thought you were the MOST cruel man, the most mean man on the earth!" we were talikg the other day and we BOTH agreed that you brought us up right....and WE THANK YOU FOR THAT!" That meant the world to me!


R.E.M. and Pearl Jam Call for Guantanamo Closure

Oct 24th 2009 12:51AM To ROB:
That HORRIBILE NOISE is NOT music! .....but to be forced to listen to that crap, is TORTURE!(Poor Babies, sigh!) and so what? Those murdering bastards deserve even WORSE! STATISTICS PROVE THAT THE GREAT MAJORITY OF THOSE DETAINEES, ONCE FREED, RETURN TO MURDER our troops! When will the people in this country WAKE UP ?? ¿What will it take, for God´s sake?

Michelle Obama Style - The First Lady Earns a Gold Medal in Fashion

Oct 4th 2009 12:06AM From one guy´s point of view, I think the lady usually looks very nice....... except sometimes those extra wide belts and dresses that come all the way up to right under her breasts. Personally I prefer more more petit women, but she works with the body God gave her. And, yes, I am a "damned Republican". As long as she is happy with herself and her husband is happy with her looks, ¿ why should anybody really care?

Spoiled brat not happy with his 16th birthday present

Jul 8th 2009 12:50AM To RON....
Right on! I raised 2 sons......with having to say NO..... a lot of times! *It was NOT easy being the "old fashioned", too strict dad. They were raised to appreciate EVERYTHING that they got,,,,,,,, AND they had to EARN it. Summer accounts....they appreciated what they had to sweat we DO! I used the belt....not often.....but when necessary...... when WE said meant NO! I demanded respect from them, and for their mother, and I respected THEM also! One is now a Physicist, the other has a great job with Xerox...both are married to GREAT girls and have 2 children each! This country has gotten out of control!
NO discipline, no respect, no appreciation! A couple of years ago, my eldest son said to me: "Pop when we were growing up, my brother and I both thought that you were the meanest, cruelest dad on earth......we were talking the other day, and we are BOTH glad that you raised us the way you did".....that made it all worth it. It wasn´t easy being the "bad guy" and always NOT letting them go to unchaperoned "motel parties" etc etc.

Sweet and Spicy

May 24th 2009 11:49AM PLEASE help me out..........what is a wala/wala onion? I know the VIDALIA......


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