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Was 2010 the Worst Year for Movies Ever?

Dec 27th 2010 6:24PM Sad to think that the CRAP Movies being churned out are supposed to spur our imaginations, but only make us YAWN and DRAIN our wallets at the theater. Better to just wait and rent the one you want from NETFLICKS for a dollar....

Boys Will Be Boys, but They May Be Hitting Puberty Faster Than Their Dads

Dec 9th 2010 2:03AM I am a father of 3 boys and I have 5 neices. I can tell you the best time to start teaching is when they first start asking where baby's come from. You teach them to respect the miracle of conception, themselves and others. You explain to them it's better to say no and NOT to do it and to wait until marrage or when they are older. Theres nothing wrong with being a virgin boy or girl. If they are to be having sex early for whatever reason they must always wear protection. The problem is peer pressure and parents who don't talk to their kids or wait until it's too late. I was born in the early 50's and was always told sex was filthy and you would go to hell, while at the same time Mom and Dad were doing it in the back seat at the drive in. That is precisely what's wrong with the world today, nobody is ever told the truth. The sexual revolution during the 60's is a fine example of the failures and the lies of parents during the 50's. Procreation is a fact of life, sacred and must be protected and respected to guarantee the child grows up with a level head and respectful..

Friends Not Surprised by Eva and Tony's Divorce

Nov 19th 2010 10:33AM Typical RICH GUY with Women on each arm and leg. These types of Celebrity Weddings almost never work. Eva is smart to dump this guy and move on. What a waste of life energy......

Courtney Love Apologizes for Appearing Nude for Interview

Nov 10th 2010 11:54AM She is just sick in the head, her choices in this life is to live as TRASH, and will never learn from mistakes. Are we all sure that Lindsy Lohan and Courtny are NOT related??

Did Jessica Simpson's Father Diss U.S. Troops?

Oct 18th 2010 1:31PM What a bunch of SOAP OPRA crap, who even cares. All the troops want to see is her A** anyway. Much better than staring at Alqeada with a big gun...

Ryobi drills sold at Home Depot recalled over fire risk

Oct 14th 2010 6:53PM Obviously more crap made in CHINA. This along with LEAD tainted paints on childrens toys, it is a wonder Company's here in the US and the consumer even buy this crap, it's irresponsible and it's dangerous... Buying this crap does not help our trade deficit either....

Louis Vuitton Show Features Topless Model Kristen McMenamy in Body Paint

Oct 7th 2010 3:55PM This is NEW STYLE?? I Vomit when I see this crap. A woman could wear a "DUFF BAG" and look better...

Nude Models Walk Runway at Charlie Le Mindu Fashion Show

Oct 7th 2010 3:51PM This is the internet in a free society, Yet it is constantly CENSORED.... A total violation of FREE SPEECH and EXPRESSION.....

'Good Ideas' Author Discusses 9/11 Snafu, How to Trigger Eureka Moments

Oct 6th 2010 12:17PM The Government knew that what happened on 911 was a distinct possibility, there were many warning signs and credible intellegence. However, just like Pearl Harbor the Government still has the attitude that "IT will never happen". We know where the radicals live and where they are located, any attacks on the US should be followed up with a direct strike to annihilate these people and unfortunately that would include the so called innocent, which would eventually grow up to hate the US and become terrorists themselves. Unfortunately, geographical sterilization will be the protection of the future, if they are dead they cannot attack us, and it will give them a CLEAR SIGNAL OF THEIR FATE....

Teens Take Drugs and Alcohol to Stay Popular

Oct 4th 2010 7:02PM This is a multi level happening, Fortunately we still have young people who do not and will not ever do drugs. then we have those who the POORER they are, leeching off others, stealing for Alcohol or cooking caugh syrup is obviously the choice. If they have money, Alcohol and Pot would be some of the choices. But if they have lots of money then Cocain, Heroin, Pot and Alcohol are the prevalence. Many of these Kids are just "Lost in Space" and are so insecure that they must do drugs because their friends do it to be accepted or be popular. I think it's STUPID and those who do the drugs for attention are Stupid, just a bunch of loosers who will either Kill themselves or sombody else or DIE of an overdose or spend some quiet time with Bubba. Education is the key here and this is where the Parents fail, and our Education system is corrupt with overpaid Administrators and substandard classrooms. It's no wonder the US has the largest rate of dropouts in the world, and probably the largest drug use in the world. Countries that hate the US are probably funding the drug trade because they know it will weaken us and ruin our way of life. With some of the lowest test scores of many third world countries, I pray for our futures...


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