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Photo Gallery: Abandoned Americana

Oct 25th 2011 1:14PM love the comments from Shirley. i agree all the way and am only 62yrs old. such a change we have seen in 60 yrs. backwards!! i live on retirement and should be enjoying myself, but am afraid to touch investments because of lack of trust in my future and our country's future. take from the rich(and medium "rich") and give to fruitcakes that know nothing of a work ethic and think they are entitled to handouts from the government. selling drugs, and killing each other over their drugs or because someone looked at them wrong.give us new leadership in Washington and maybe things will turn around, but i doubt it. politicians are all alike, wheather they are democrates or replublicans. not solving any problems just fighting against themselves. so sad about our country, we need to do something about it. i know, but what.

Ozzy Osbourne Re-Lists Malibu Home, Again and Again

Oct 4th 2011 12:01PM why are they selling off real estate.?? could it be they are in financial trouble??maybe if Ozzy had not have snorted it all up his nose for years and so much plastic surgery for Sharon, they could keep their homes. just a thought

Judy Garland's Beach House Sells as a Fixer

Oct 1st 2011 2:51PM not too many pics, but looks like something i would live in without fixing.then again i'm not a wealthy person. what more would anyone want.

Who's Out at 'Housewives'? Alex McCord Responds to New Report

Jun 27th 2011 5:59PM just get rid of them all!!!!!! they are all so trashy. i'm glad i don't have "friends" like them. take the stupid show off with all the rest of these fake housewifes shows.

Is Jennifer Aniston the 'Other Woman' Now?

Jun 14th 2011 9:36PM i am not surprised at anything this girl does. not much of an actress either have you watched any of her movies same ole, same ole. Friends made her a semi-tv star and after that nothing. just don't see why everyone thinks she is miss goody two shoes. anyway, that relationship probaly won't last long and he'll be begging for the "girlfriend back" Aniston can't seem to hold on to a man. anyone ever think maybe it was her fault Pitt let her. oh well

Kim Kardashian's Fiance Dusts Cheating Rumors Off His (Massive) Shoulders

Jun 13th 2011 8:05PM is it me or is this guy just "Butt Ugly"???? caught an episode of this so called reality show the other day, how did bruce jenner get involved with this trashy family??!! Kris is just a pig with nothing going on except managing her trashy daughters and now the younger girls are getting tangled in her web . Bruce take care of your daughters before your wife brings them down with the others. how by the way, how is Dash doing??? NOT!!!!

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries to Sign Prenup

Jun 9th 2011 9:54PM he's not that good looking!!! well then again, neither is she!!UGH UGH!!! on all those sisters

John Travolta Shows Off Baby Ben (Photo)

Jun 7th 2011 11:56PM what happened to poor john??!! he use to be soooo good looking and now he is just butt ugly!!glad the baby doesn't look like gosh my gosh!!!!!

Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez Still Together, Laugh Off Breakup Rumors

Jun 6th 2011 8:52PM she gets even uglier as she ages!!!!! UGH!!!!

Oh, Baby! Ramona Singer Has Surprise at End of 'RHONY' Season

Jun 3rd 2011 10:53PM take all of the "old" ugly, stuck up housewives showes off!!!! do people really live like this!!?? not in the real world.


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