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Mike O

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Canadian Rockies Waterfall Turns Blood Red

Sep 2nd 2010 1:15PM 30 years they have been predicting the end of days even before the birth of Christ(great magician by the way) several sects have even calculated the last date and when that day passed they came up with some bullshit why the calculations were wrong and did it again. when i was a kid 1984 was the scary big year now it's 2012, maybe a global apocalypse is just what we need, you know thin out the herd a little, no wait the only survivors will be govt and militia members.... nevermind

The Daily Fix: Remove Rust From Tools

Apr 13th 2010 11:26AM Use C.L.R., works great, also for copper and brassand possibly silver use (and this is no joke) the sauce from a can of SpaghettiO's. I guess any tomato sauce similar to this might work, but I have only tried the O's. Put it all over the item to be cleaned and let sit (a few minutes to a few hours, dependingon how bad the tarnish) rinse using a detergent, dry and if you wish use a protectant like WD-40, or even vegetable oil for a mean clean green sheen, knowhatimean?

Your day in the sun: More than 356,000 checks to be sent to scam victims

Jan 7th 2010 2:10PM e panhandling... get a job you frigging scumbag, I know 3 guys who stand on the corner and beg for a iving in Phily, they average $150 to 400 an hour and al have quit their jobs, Now i'm not talking about some od handicapped or mentally unstabe person who can't work. just the young able bodied guys who act all poor but are begging for change in new Nikes or timberlands. I know this for a fact it's a scam, and they prey on people who have much less money than they do, look at the bum next time, does he dress better than you, is he filthy, does he look healthy? use your head.

Do Men Prefer Average Body Types?

Jun 11th 2009 3:10PM fake breasts are hideous, they look like you stuffed 2 cantaloupes under your skin. Your boyfriend said what you want to hear, my fake breasted friend. Every,EVERY guy I know would take no breasts over fake ones anyday, those scarred up spheres even when your on your back are so nastay with a capital tay. as for body type any girl with a pretty face and a good personality outweighs a vain plastic chick that only cares about herself and what she looks like. and I love the curves, that round butt and wide hips with orange-sized (no larger, grapefruit is too big) everyday down home wholesome gir thing is perfect. Most beautiful girls who arent what the gay fashion designers say is beautiful rarely think of themselves as beautiful, and that's the biggest shame of all. Thanks, Mike O.


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