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Leading Scientists Say Airport Full Body Scanners Easily Duped

Dec 17th 2010 10:40AM How about 20 of us get together and "combine" our 3.5 oz green mouthwash (which could be gasoline ??? or anything for that matter) and make a nice "full" water bottle of explosive fuel ?
That and 1 flick of ignition from a bbq ignitor and bam !! what a mess that would be.

TSA is worthless. You can carry anything you want through. Terrorists have already thought of every option possible. They eat and breath ways to cause terror.

Isn't there a independant company that tests the TSA?? I'll offer my services.

Leading Scientists Say Airport Full Body Scanners Easily Duped

Dec 17th 2010 9:47AM I'll tell this to the 30 something gal that was knitting with her 12" knitting needles on the way to DesMoines on Tuesday....Thanks TSA. Even the Delta flight attendents didin't care...

Handmade: Bundt Pan Pendant Lamp

Aug 8th 2010 9:12PM Next.... How to use an IUD as a fishing lure.......

Wheelchair kid stranded by Air Canada after tweet-a-thon

Aug 8th 2010 9:04PM No wheelchairs in New York city??.....1 call, 5 minutes, 1 wheelchair.....

Student Braves Controversy, Refuses to Recite Pledge

Nov 17th 2009 10:37AM Solemnly and malice and sexism.....what the? .....I had to look those up.... what 10 year old speaks this way? ...LOL...

Student Braves Controversy, Refuses to Recite Pledge

Nov 17th 2009 10:23AM It's funny that the position the boy is taking is the “exact right” he is hiding behind. : “Liberty and Justice for All”… how can he say he has a right to say what he won’t say?

The original reason people came to this country was for religious freedom and to escape tyranny. Read the Declaration of Independence. The Bible was the first schoolbook in our classrooms. People came to America because they did not like how the King of Great Britain was running the show.

Almost every man who signed the Declaration of Independence was destroyed…. Families killed, fortunes lost, farms and homes burned to the ground.


If you don’t like America MOVE. If you’re gay, move to a country that supports gay rights. Most people don’t really care if your gay…be as gay as you want. Come to my house and be gay, be straight, be black, be white….. I don’t walk around saying “Hey! I’m Straight!” or I can’t be a hairdresser because I’m straight, or a fashion designer or a yard man or football player.

The problem is that, the farther we get away from a Bible the worse our moral compass gets. What manual do we live by? Do we just make decisions based on what feels good? We have become a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah…. We say “ Ohhhhh we understand” “You have a right” …soon we’ll be allowed to marry farm animals with the reason…. “We’re in love” and “we have a right”….

Find me another manual that teaches love, grace, and forgiveness. If you have a problem…family, business, relationship, sexuality…. Do a Google search on what the Bible says. You won’t suddenly get a glowing golden cross on your forehead. Your friends won’t send you to Siberia…. But, you might find a quality answer. Even if you don’t believe, there is a quality answer in there.

All of this world is temporary!!.. Stop with all the minor details that don’t matter. Whaaaa I’m gay, I’m black, I’m white…bla…bla…bla…. I don’t want to say the pledge ?? How cute… a 10 year old is taking a stand and hiding behind a right provide him by the men that stood up for that right. The right to Liberty and the right to Justice…. Go to Irac and see what Liberty and Justice you’ll find. This little 10-year-old and his parents might just go missing in the night.

Student Braves Controversy, Refuses to Recite Pledge

Nov 17th 2009 10:08AM Hey look ma' Me and Daddy on TV

Tata and Mahindra, driving their cars into U.S. market, dream Bollywood big

Jun 25th 2009 10:45AM Told my wife were buying two .... she wanted a new pair of Tatas


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