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The Best Handmade Holiday Gift I Ever Received

Dec 17th 2010 11:35PM my grandma did this too so does my mom and i lover her and this year she made me and my kids snowman they are great and will stay with me forever

Willow Smith Debuts Retro Bowl Haircut

Dec 13th 2010 2:39PM she looks like a bou please get the girl a wig or extentions

Why Do Celebrities Pose Naked and Pregnant?

Nov 14th 2010 11:13PM its nasty i would never do this i dont buy the magazine when there like that i would never want to support it i have kids and dont see the beauty i felt big and fat and i only gained 15 pounds so i think they should keep it on no one want to see it and if they do they are thoes pervs that like breast milk and stuff

Grupo Televisa to invest $1.2B in Univision

Oct 12th 2010 1:25PM does anybody really care its more mexican stuff on that noone cares about they want to watch and see if go back there besides all english tv is in spanish but do they have a button to push to make there stuff in english no untill they do they can get outta here and one more thing i hate that time warner cable puts spanish commercials durring english tv i cant understand it get it off my tv adn its funny that most of the channels you get with out cable just using a converter box are mexican so why would someone want to waste money getting a steat in they cant be worth that much

Disney vs. Time Warner Cable: Yet Another Battle That May Take Away Your Favorite Channels or Raise Your Bill

Aug 9th 2010 11:17PM im so sick of twc raising my bill i pay 190 for internet and cable hbo and stuff and they bug and im not getting my moneys worth but im stick icant get fios or uverse the building isant wirred for it and they dont want to it will cost att and verizon too much so im stuck i hope i dont get another increase

Breast-Feeding Moms Protest Restaurant

Jul 21st 2010 8:42PM sorry i dont want to see that wile i eat or out with my kids i never feed them in public thats what bottles and pumps are for or cove it up no one wants to see your kid sucking on ur breast wile im trying to enjoy my lunch if that was me and she wouldent cover up i would ask for another table or just get my food to go and have them bill her for spoiling my lunch

Caller says you'll be arrested for missing jury duty? It's a scam

Jul 19th 2010 2:00PM the coourts in ca can call you if you leave and dont come back or at your job they said if you go out for a smoke or something and dont come back they will call and you have to go back i was told this last monday and they can order you to pay or to serve your jurry duity i know and never accept a regestered letter from the court or your stuck i learned that the hard was and evean it its a typo you better check there are a lot of dumb people working there

Free McDonald's Real Fruit Smoothie promotion plans halted

Jul 16th 2010 7:51PM dont get them i got the strwberry bannana one it tasted like the very berry from costco and there was no bannana there is no computer that makes them its a blender and they just put ice and frozen fruit save your money

New Town, No Pals? Why It's Harder to Find a BFF As a Grown-Up

Jul 14th 2010 8:23PM well i got the same thing im 20 all my friends moved away and all the other moms are old and ask where they can hire someone like me i tell them im there mom and they go away like im a leaper so i feel for u so i just sit at home ive tried my job i dont meet anyone im all alone there and my mans friends are all guys with no chance of getting a girl so these tips dont really help and online is a waste mabey i need a clone of me or something to keep me company

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Jun 29th 2010 4:12PM mine is handbags i love them i got close to two hundred i hide them in the one im carring and sneak them into the house i love them and if there on sale evean better i got cheep ones name brand and knockoffs ebay is the best place to get them i look 3x a day to see whats new i get at least 1 every 2 weeks all colores and sizes i change every 3days so they wont wear out im really bad


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