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What Facial Hair Best Attracts the Ladies?

Mar 23rd 2010 8:22PM Last summer I was looking for a new partner and had two pictures in my profile, one with a full beard and the other clean shaven. I asked for a vote from those who saw my pictures. The beard won 64 for and 33 against the beard. As I am twice the age of most of the men in the article, I think the results would be much different when maturity is factored in to the question. FYI, I shaved it off anyways. It was just a way to get women to respond.

Baked Eggs and Mushrooms in Ham Crisps - Feast Your Eyes

Mar 15th 2010 1:36AM Try this with Portabella mushrooms caps instead of ham. Cook the mushrooms in butter until done, drop an egg or two into the cap with cheese of your choice in the bottom, cover the eggs with a piece of Candian Bacon and bake for 11-12 minutes at 350' for runny eggs or 15 minutes for well done eggs. Use a muffin pan to keep the mushroom caps level while baking.

Opinion: Big Brother Should Be Expelled From Pennsylvania School

Feb 22nd 2010 5:42PM I can only imagine the lawsuit when it is discovered the principal was viewing a teen while s/he was in getting dressed or undressed! The principal could be convicted of child porn. Shame on this school adminstration. There are simple GPS solutions for finding a laptop without invading the privacy of anyone. People who look for problems usually create them.

What I Learned at the World's Largest Speed-Dating Event

Feb 2nd 2010 11:13PM I am disturbed by the comment that there were many good looking men at the event. Being a good looking man does not indicate the quality of values within that man. I would like to think looks play a role but there is so much more to appreciate in both men and women.

A Swift Backlash: Will Taylor's Album of the Year Grammy Hurt Her?

Feb 1st 2010 9:49PM Guess what everyone who is ragging on TS, She won because others voted for her. Maybe there were more deserving singers. Personally I would have voted for Lady GaGa. I think traditional singers win over those who are on the cutting edge because it is safer. When GaGa was new, people did not like her work and Beyonce has had her share or critics too.

Ozzy Osbourne Opens Up About Drugs, Failed Marriage in Memoir

Jan 28th 2010 8:07AM I find Ozzy's stance on Christianity honest. At least he is not one of those claiming to have found God after being found out about their behaviors. Finding God or going into Rehab is often a false way to divert attention on the behavior that got someone into trouble.

Ozzy's mind and heart are still impacted by his long standing use of drugs. He is in a better place now and I will not condemn him. He still has time to change even more. Let he among you who have not sinned cast the first stone. Most of those criticizing Ozzy are being hypercritical. No one can say now, what will happen before he takes his last breath or your own.

'Bonanza' Star Pernell Roberts Dies at 81

Jan 25th 2010 9:43PM Hop Sing is also one who has passed on, in 1980 the actors name was Victor Sen Yung. He played the number 2 son of Charlie Chan too.

Al Davis Calls Lane Kiffin 'Flat-Out Liar,' Tells Him to 'Get Over' JaMarcus Russell

Oct 1st 2008 11:26AM In firing the coach for trying to blame others for the problems with the team, the owner is doing the very same thing to the coach. It is the classic pot calling the kettle black. A good owner takes charge at the first sign of a problem and does not wait to see how they play out. Davis is more guilty than the coach for the problems with the team. The owner is the owner and is showing his team, city, and the NFL just what a class act he is not.

Sears won't issue refund for TV paid for but never delivered

Apr 15th 2008 2:43PM Jon said...
its spelled target you idiot and kohls doesnt sell tvs

Hey Jon, please note your own mistakes.
its should be It's, target is spelled Target,
kohls is Kohl's and doesnt is ...n't and tvs is tv's.

Now, let's talk about being an idiot! I do believe you have won first prize. Your mother and English teacher must be proud of you.

Heather's Harassment Proof

Feb 12th 2008 3:15PM The video only shows people taking pictures of people taking pictures except for the interview of her in the car. Not exactly proof she is being herassed, spelling intentional. When you marry someone rich, this has to be expected. Knowing you don't like it actually invites more attention.

It is all about her ass..ests as she tries to justify the settlement. So, tell us about your affair MS Heather, I am the victim and I want lots of money for only 4 years of marriage, loser.


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