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Where Cities Are Practically Giving Away Abandoned Homes

Jul 8th 2013 8:14PM By all means buy a home in Baltimore- last week there were 24 people shot in Baltimore City- 15 of them fatally......

5 Renovations That Could Hurt Your Home's Resale

Jun 1st 2013 7:41PM You are right, Fred! Pools are not that much work. Automatic cleaners do the work, and maintaining them is simple. If you have a large lot, to prevent stepping out the back door and falling in the pool, I think it is an asset. Here in Maryland we get use of the pool from mid May to late September. And I'm not in the pool business, just a happy pool owner.

World War II Vet John Potter, 91, Faces Eviction by Daughter

Apr 25th 2013 10:09PM Sadly, I have seen this happen before. There is a special place in Hell for selfish people like her.

More Young Couples Say 'I Do' to Buying a Home Before Marriage

Apr 21st 2013 7:33PM More young couples are flaming idiots for doing this! PLEASE LISTEN TO ME!! The big crap storm you find yourself in when things break bad will take YEARS to fix, and will damage your credit beyond repair! Fall in lust, do all the things married couples do, if you get my drift, but DO NOT financially involve yourself with another person until the dotted line is signed on the marriage license! Save yourself a lot of trouble and aggravation.

Port Orange HOA Tells Residents Yard Statues Aren't Allowed

Apr 5th 2013 3:20PM Homebuyers, especially in Florida, need to be well versed in HOA rules and restrictions before purchasing. There are many developments in Florida that ban street parking, car maintenance,lawn decorations, etc. It's a case of BUYER BEWARE.

Alleged Squatter Andre Barbosa Leaves Foreclosed Mansion in Boca Raton

Feb 9th 2013 5:09PM He probably found a nicer house.

TripAdvisor Review Costs Hotel Employee His Job

Oct 14th 2012 8:15AM God bless corporate America! Same old story- if they want you gone, you're gone! I'm sure if this reason hadn't been effective, they would have manufactured a different one. Good luck Fred, hope it all works out for you.

Carmie Elmore, Harlem Gas Station Owner, Fights NYC's Plan to Buy It for Development

Aug 23rd 2012 8:56AM It's called Eminent Domain, or as George Carlin so succinctly put it, "would you mind moving over?".

A light sleeper's lament: six things you shouldn't do in a hotel

Jan 14th 2012 5:55PM Try to get a room as far from the elevator as possible. The sound of people exiting the elevator, along with the mechanical grind of the car going up and down, can drive one to distraction!


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