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Heavily-backed WiGig Alliance to stream everything over 60GHz

May 6th 2009 1:23PM So, 60Ghz has a wavelength of about 5mm. Wikipedia sez that it has problems going through oxygen, yet also states it's possible to get 1.7km ranges out of 60ghz links. (though no mention of how many watts it took to do that).
Given that wifi is up to 200mW or so, and 802.11g has a range of around 10 meters, I'm guessing 60ghz is gonna go less than a meter, tops, and certainly not through walls.
interesting thing about 60ghz, the antennas can be really small, for example, 2.5mm, so the antennas could be more easily built in to a chip or die, instead of the big 60mm for 802.11. That would reduce cost.

"Insider" Sprint doc details the Palm Pre for new users, other boring minutiae

Apr 27th 2009 5:42PM I don't buy the 'can't copy and paste from webpages' line.
-Every application runs in a web browser, (all content is sourced on the device)
-Other apps have shown copy/paste, proven on demo videos, and looked universal.
-So then why would the 'internet web browser' not also support copy/paste?
I have a feeling there is a typo or miscommunication somewhere.

Engadget's recession antidote: win an HP Pavilion dv5z laptop!

Mar 5th 2009 1:36PM My old laptop battery charger circuit died, so now it always has to be plugged in, this would make an awesome replacement.

Palm finally manages to bore us to tears with webOS Mojo SDK tutorial

Feb 27th 2009 2:17AM They seem to be supporting HTML5. If they go 'all the way', then the tag might be exposed. This allows for javascript to draw lines, arcs, and bitmaps, with alpha transparency. Having used in firefox and chrome, I can imagine something like raiden or r-type being pretty easy.

TI's OMAP 3 hardware doesn't manage to do Windows Mobile 6.5 any favors

Feb 18th 2009 2:04PM Cripes, WinCE doesn't give a crap if a touch panel is resistive, capacitive, SAW, or a mouse. Quit saying that "it doesn't support capacitive screens". If you really mean "multi-touch", then say instead.

Shelby's amazing Aero EV: 0 to 60 in 2.5 seconds, 10 minute recharge

Jan 27th 2009 2:36PM
I have 200 amp service in my home. Lets say it consumed all of it during the charge time.

200 amps * 220 V = 44,000 watts

The cable doesn't have to be thick at all, it's AC current. I just wired up my 50 A 220 kiln and the wires are about 12 gauge, 200 A wouldn't be much thicker.

So, it's sucking 44,000 watts for 10 minutes. which is 600 seconds.

44,000 x 600 = 26400000 total watts. 745 watts is about 1hp.

a nice slippery racecar body but with bunch of heavy batteries, lets give it a high 35hp in cruise. (or something lower but with conversion losses)

35 * 745 = 26075 watts... about 1000 seconds of cruise time.

Even if it miraculously had 16-17 hp usage in cruise, thats only 2000 seconds. I.e. about 30 minutes.

so, anywhere from 15-30 minutes, and at a mile a minute... 15-30 mile range at 10 minutes.

Charging batteries that fast would produce a bit of heat...though it would be distributed across the battery pack. It might not be that bad.

100 minutes seems more plausible...

MEMS gyroscopes rumored to hit array of phones in 2009

Dec 12th 2008 6:37PM MEMS gyroscopes are *rate* gyros. They do NOT report absolute angles.
The Wii Motion Plus has a three axis rate gyro in it. The totally misnamed "SIXAXIS" controller from sony actually only has a single axis rate gyro in it.

They output data like "My current rotation is 20 degrees per second along the X axis". Seems rather pointless to include these in phones, and game controllers for that matter, just like accelerometers. Waste of silicon.

EA extends Take-Two purchase offer deadline a third time

May 19th 2008 2:15PM Here's how it works, large TTWO stock holders have hundreds of thousands or millions of shares. If they tried to sell all their stock at market ($27), they would only make the price drop like crazy (they'd have to sell in many chunks, not all shares at once). EA would guarantee $25.74 for *all* of their shares. Also recall that TTWOs stock was $15 before all this, the price is basically inflated. If EA would have gave up on the buyout today, the stock would have gone back to $15 in a few weeks.

Show PC stats on analog gauges

Feb 5th 2008 1:13PM Ian, instead of the crystal + caps, you should look into resonators, they are 'all in one' devices. I've used them in all my PIC boards. check sparkfun for examples of their use.

I agree that surface mount is the way to go. I used to be all about through-hole, but so many awesome devices don't have a DIP version (but DO have SOIC). Also, drilling 28 (or more) holes for an IC gets old, especially if one goes through as many board revisions as I do. (or simply the number of projects). All my boards now have USB + the 18F2550 at the 'core'. After a tiny bit of practice, soldering SMD gets easy.

Also, take note about how he grounded his copper pour. I've made boards without that, and they don't work, it acts as a big capacitive plate, so your chip resets when you get near it. rather frustrating.

Engadget's relaunch giveaways: let's start with a Zune

Sep 20th 2006 2:50AM Happiness In Slavery - Nine Inch Nails.


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