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Unclog a Drain: Baking Soda Vs. Drano

Apr 16th 2011 2:44PM My grandfather was a plummer and he said the same thing about draino. He used Pequa which I buy at home depot and it works wonderful...I tried the vinegar and baking soda..It's ok in a pinch but you really need stuff that works.

Lisa Rinna and Star Jones Got 'Ugly' Behind the Scenes of 'Apprentice'

Mar 14th 2011 3:07PM I watched the show also and I cant stomach Star or Dionne. They are mean spirited women and Donald Trump needs to fire both of them. Lisa took the high road. They had it in for her from the start. Star is a nasty woman and I will never listen to a Dionne Warwick song..only one I know is Do you know your way to San Jose? They both stink. I hope neither of them win.

Bullied Girl With Cerebral Palsy Speaks Out

Oct 4th 2010 3:59PM Kudos to the father! Too much bullying in the schools. My son was bullied in school...a catholic high school where you think your kid is being protected. They put up porn on myspace along with his picture and the school did nothing because the school computers werent being used! So I say to the father! Good for you!

Galley Gossip: Blocked ears - how to ease the pain in flight

Jun 13th 2010 9:20PM I had a terrible experience 11 yrs ago. I was fine going . On the way home, forget it. I had no choice but to leave on my return flight. I happened to catch a cold the day before. I bought a decongestant. Forgot which one. Anyway, I was miserable on the flight home due to not feeling well. My ears seemed ok until we had to land in Detroit and switch planes. When I switched planes from Detroit to NY when we landed a second time I was just about deaf. I went to an ear, nose and thoat doctor. He said just take Benadryl and Sudafed. I did that for a couple of weeks. I couldnt even hear my own phone ring. It got less and less each day. After 4 weeks of suffering, I went to the Walk In Clinic. He put me on an antibiotic and in 5 days gone. I havent been on a plane since. It took 5 weeks to get my hearing back. Very scary!!

How much should you pay your tax preparer?

Mar 27th 2010 5:14PM I read in that story in the NY post and it said $206.11.

10 Jobs That Will Get a Pay Raise in 2010

Jan 4th 2010 6:14PM I agree with you 100 percent. I hate calling for help. All you get is people who cant speak a word of English from India. I have called a number of companies and in my opinion that sucks. I want an english speaking person. Bring these jobs back in the U.S where they belong.

Talk to the Dead -- Intuition Expert Laura Day Tells Us How (Really!)

Dec 29th 2009 11:25AM I have too much to say about this subject to put here. I do know that prayers work for me. I would never try and contact a dead person. I do know there is something in this house that I been in for the last 10 years. I feel it at night sometime 2-3AM. It awakens me and when it does. I say the Our Father over and over again until it goes away. Believe me it does go away. I have crosses in my house. My neighbor also has the same thing happening. We live in a duplex. It is more of a pest so we are able to live here. People that laugh at this stuff have no idea how scary it can be. Lilli, I couldn't agree with you more.

Hello, rabbit ears! Americans give free antenna TV a new look

Dec 29th 2009 10:31AM Carole is this for real? or a scam?

Hello, rabbit ears! Americans give free antenna TV a new look

Dec 29th 2009 10:18AM I agree with these people. Cablevision sucks. I pay $67 for family basic cable. There is nothing on tv. It is all repeats and reality shows. Spanish channels is a joke. I don't know spanish. I pay for channels I don't even use. I heard this morning on CNN that cable is going up again everywhere. Why? Because the networks like fox, cbs, nbc want cable companies to pay them more money which means are cable bills go up. I am all for antennas again and watching free tv.

Adam Lambert: I'm a 'Role Model' or a 'Nightmare'

Nov 25th 2009 1:54PM Adam Lambert will never be a musician. He will always be a pompous ass. Why doesnt Lambert just go do porn movies where he belongs. His music sucks too.


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