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Testing: 8 Odd Ways to Get Rid of Ants

Jul 7th 2011 3:04PM I used sliced cucumbers. We had ant hills and some were in the basket we have geraniums in. I sliced up the cucumber and put it around and in 2 hrs they were GONE!!

A Dozen Recipes for Leftover Easter Eggs

Apr 4th 2010 2:06PM Please shell the eggs BEFORE putting them into the meatloaf!

A Dozen Recipes for Leftover Easter Eggs

Apr 4th 2010 2:01PM There is someone out there that isn't gonna shell the eggs before putting them in the meatloaf! Please sheel the eggs before putting them in the meatloaf!

Don't Let Public Temper Tantrums Give You Fits

Mar 25th 2010 12:53PM Yup, I spanked them when they were little and now they are grown and three wonderful sons with great kids of their own. Time out doesn't work. I tried that by putting them in separate corners and they would sit down and fall asleep. Doesn't work. A smack on the behind and it gets their attention. Now, about kids in church, if they aren't old enough to sit and pray and keep quiet through the whole service, they don't belong anywhere other than the 'cry room' or in the nursery. Parents shouldn't force their children on others if they can't present them as little angels. If they are able to sit in school they are able to sit and be attentive to the service and not be held and coddled and go to sleep on the parent's shoulder. The parents are setting up a bad situation if they can't teach the children before going to church, a restaurant or even to shopping. It's annoying to the rest of the people that are around them, And another thing, if your child's nap time is at 1pm, don't take them out somewhere they are going to be tired and cranky and want to be in bed. Either go out earlier and be home by naptime or got out after naptime. Everyone will enjoy the outing more.

Jeff Conaway Planning His Funeral, Girlfriend Says

Jan 22nd 2010 10:48AM If Jeff or his girlriend is reading this, to the dismay or others, God is waiting for you to ask for forgiveness and repent of your sins. Rebuke the devil spirits that are surrounding you to leave in the name of Jesus Christ! Be firm and tell them to take their deaf friends with them. They have to leave! Then you will be able to finally think straight and hear what God wants you to do and you shall be healed! It's a promise in the Word. Please don't let the Devil have his way with you any more and know that there are a lot of us who care about you. God bless you both.

Should Jon and Kate Cancel Their Show?

Jun 26th 2009 5:27PM I watched J&K+8 for all the years it has been on. This past year has been the worst for her mouth and what she expects Jon to do. What more did she want when he was working from home in a tiny closet of an office. She has many people helping with the kids and her twins are really spoiled and want attention, not just being 'big girl helpers' with the little ones. Now that they are all in school, Kate can take off on her book tours with her 'body guard' and not be concerned who, what and where her kids are with all of the help the producers have given her. Last night I tuned into the new show on WE of the sextuplets and the mom on there had a 'boob job' and tummy tuck. She had to go to a special out-of-the-way house and be taken care of and all she did was ask about her kids and wanted to be home with them. After 10 days she was allowed to go home with strict orders of not picking them up or doing housework til her checkup with the doctor. While she was away her mother, father, brother, and husband plus the tv people were with the kids and all the mother wanted to do was to go home with them. They seem to be a loving family and she isn't at all like Kate. He husband is a nice guy and the extended family seems to be very loving. Now how they will turn out is anybody's guess, but it is a 180 from the J&K+8 crowd and no yelling!


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