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mary Osborn

mary Osborn

Member Since Aug 20th, 2006

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DIY Disaster Doctor: 3 Steps to Bad Driveway Design

May 24th 2010 9:54AM thats a easy fix

Alec Baldwin on 'The View'

Apr 28th 2007 11:34PM well after watching that, I wonder if he was more concerned about PLUGGING his book he is putting out in September... Makes me wonder...
Poooooor baldwin...NOT!!!!. Just remember People..
when she hit 12yrs old... She can chose on her own.. Bet she walks away....

Are kids getting brattier?

Aug 20th 2006 12:46PM not surprised People!!!!! You now have the Older Gen. Haveing babies... they talk to there kids as if they are adults.. Honey Don't to that... While the Kid is screaming... Frankly, My kids Were not ALLOWED to have tantrums... A good swat on the butt and taken home...did the trick... End of that .... they are both adults... in good standing... Dr Phil, love ya but your wrong... on this one topic....


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