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John C. Salzman Sr.

John C. Salzman Sr.

Member Since Aug 21st, 2006

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Gail Simmons is TV's Best Judge

Apr 25th 2010 3:12PM what the f..k you ahole (JULIO) a typical Jew you called Judge Judy
how did you ever get to write anything on here I hope someone finds your background info and puts you in your place what a A HOLE.
You better go underground were you belong you peice of rat dirt....

In the Workshop: Pliers

Apr 25th 2010 2:57PM Wow I really needed to know all this good info I am only a mechanic and would have never known this thatk

Who Flies the Friendliest Skies?

Apr 21st 2010 1:18PM Boy O Boy I have heard it all The SOUTHWEST employee's are on here talking how great they are BULLSH.T.
My daughters fly in from Fl. every year and we always used Southwest untill two years ago into Philly they said they called our names to board while we ate in the airport cafe we checked in on time and waited in the cafe very close to boarding counter we got up and while the plane was still on runway they wouldn't allow them to board it was to late the plane was at the same spot for another 10 min. before they taxied onto runway. We had to wait another 6 hrs. for the next flight because they were not going to let to young girls onto the plane while it sat their because they said they called us we didn't here the call or we would have ran to the plane they were NOT going to be wrong for any reason. I will never fly again or my family on Southwest EVER. Now we fly with a truly carring company its ( SPIRIT AIRLAINE )out of N.J.they are small and carring and very fast from check in to takeoff way to go SPIRIT...

Pint-Size Star of YouTube Cooking Video Stirs Up Sweet Success

Apr 19th 2010 4:23PM It was just what I needed today. I think it was well done and very funny I loved it and think the parents are great for making the video.
I also think anyone out their that don't have children should not comment unless its a good comment and all others should keep it to themselfs....Well done I loved it she looks like she had alot of fun I hope to see more.
Thank You

Patrick Swayze's Widow Opens Up About His Alcoholism, Her Grief

Apr 10th 2010 4:31PM I am going to miss his acting,I thought he was a great actor and it is so sad when someone goes so young God bless Lisa and Patrick.
P.S. I agree its no ones business about his private life but his family's if they chose to shair is their business.leave the family alone.

How Safe is Your Plane?

Apr 9th 2010 3:33PM This is so scary.
All the big wigs of the airlines never use what we as the public us to fly and ALL they care about is their big bonus pay check year after year and this has caused the Mgt. to cut salarys and safety and to charge us with everything NEVER charged befor to get their greedy pay check they don't care untill they are caught and then oh we are so sorry, We had no Idea, we are investagating yada yada...

Washington Man Charged with Threatening to Kill Sen. Patty Murray

Apr 7th 2010 11:25AM This loonie had a concealed license...
their is a background process to get one how did he slip through the process. How many other gave this kind of person a license to carry?.
And how come the fed's had to trick him? into talking , Didn't they have a caller I.D. system?

What Makes a Guy 'Undateable'? Oh, Any of 311 Different Things

Mar 18th 2010 1:57PM Were do they get these people at.
I like to wear rings and I get lots of complements on them plus I have a very hard time spelling. I guess the woman over look that because I'm 6'6 250lbs brown hair blue eyes and trech martial arts.I go on many dates and woman always want to go back out with me, I am still having fun and like dating I'm not ready to get married yet. so give me a break, send me any of the woman that like men and I know they will go out with me....

Thin Lizzy Live Album Tops Poll

Mar 7th 2010 3:03PM oh yah I also saw them at the J.F.K. in Philly they played with Lynard skynard,and Framton what a great day and blast of a show over 100 thousand est. their...

Thin Lizzy Live Album Tops Poll

Mar 7th 2010 2:59PM Right the J.Gyles band rocks in 1978 was the year I graduated from High school and then joined the Marines I missed alot of good concerts that year...LOL


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