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Mother Forced to Leave Toddler on Train

Mar 8th 2011 8:04PM This could happen to anyone - it almost happened to me. I was traveling with my two young children on a subway to go between the train station and the airport in Chicago, and had to quickly move my bags (had three, all with shoulder straps), a fold-up stroller, myself, purse/camera bag, my kids (18 mos. & 5) and myself off in less than 10 seconds - YOU try it sometime. Even when you've got everything ready to go, as I did, it still took 2 trips and my little guy wasn't quick enough and the doors started to close. I took him last, because the platform was more dangerous to leave him on alone than in the train. All the nearby passengers heard me scream and held the doors open long enough for me to grab him. Bless them AND a door system that won't allow the doors to close or the train to take off while something is holding the doors open...

5 tips for sleeping in your car

Feb 25th 2011 12:50PM OK, here's my sleeping-in-the-car story...I was in my early twenties and had to get to Chicago (from Mass.) to race in a SCCA Solo II Nationals and didn't have enough for motels on the way, so slept in my '77 Pontiac Trans Am, in a rest stop in the middle of nowhere in Ohio, in the FRONT seat, WITHOUT covering the windows! Stupid, huh? AND I am female and was unarmed. My angels were watching over me that night - wasn't bothered at all. Wouldn't do that again, though!

Tress Test: Scarlett Johansson's 2011 Golden Globes Updo Hairstyle

Feb 21st 2011 7:02PM Where does it say that the fur is real?!? It certainly doesn't look it, and nowadays, celebrities are more careful in this department.

Not Your Typical Shower Items!

Feb 19th 2011 9:27PM It's not a "hot water heater"!!! Are you heating up water that's already hot?!? NO!!! It's a "water heater"!!! Thank you. That's my rant for the day.

Your Kids (Still) Don't Want to Be Facebook Friends

Jan 18th 2011 2:06PM Some of these posts bring up a good point - there is a way, even though your child "friended" you, to keep you from seeing everything that he or she posts, or their friends' posts. My grown children have no problem being my "friend", but I know they are shielding some of the more offensive/crude comments from me just because they know I don't like to read such things. But it is a good way to keep in quick contact with each other and I have a better idea of what their internet life is like when I see who their "friends" are. They are savvy adults and know the dangers - physical as well as career, and keep their accounts private. Younger children I would definitely keep tabs on because they don't have the executive functioning yet that enables them to discern harmless fun from possible danger. Keep the computer in a public place in your home - no computers in the bedroom! (Or TVs for that matter - it always amazes me how many parents still don't believe this is a bad idea - you should hear the stories my students tell me...)

Egg Prices Falsely Inflated, Says Grocers Group

Jan 18th 2011 12:05AM You don't need a lot of land to raise chickens - check out this website for more information: You can raise chickens on a balcony! I've even wintered some over in my house, but they raise a lot of dust from the food and shavings - I don't recommend this. Free range chicken eggs are the best, but you can get the same results from "deck chickens" by feeding them fresh greens, orange veggies (I bake sweet potatoes for mine in the winter), fruit, and insects (from pet stores). Chickens are cool!

Better Ways to Spend $40 Than on Pajama Jeans

Jan 16th 2011 10:33PM I guess the author hasn't been out much - I often see (mostly) women out in public wearing obviously pajama bottoms, and did while I was on a college campus some years ago. I don't care if it's comfortable - you still look like a slob. If you want comfortable jeans, you can get some that have spandex in them, but they're still real jeans. I found some at Kohl's - they're made by Gloria Vanderbilt and are called "Ashley" and they're wonderful! But you DO still have to get the proper size - wearing too-tight jeans for vanity's sake is a lot of the problem of jeans being uncomfortable...

'Toddlers & Tiaras' Mom Talks Dressing Her Child, 3, in Makeup and Cone Bras

Jan 16th 2011 4:45PM I entered my daughter in a baby pageant when she was about a year old and just "finger walking". Entering pageants is one way to get your child "acting" jobs for commercials, a harmless and possible lucrative way to earn some extra cash (which we sorely needed at the time). She is usually a shy child, but for some reason that day, she was "on" and charmed the judges so that she won her division for our state. We were newcomers and I felt the hatred emanating from the professional "stage" mothers. I also saw the older divisions (2, 3 year olds) getting ready for their turn and it creeped me out how the mothers were so stressed and business-like and how the little girls were so dolled up they looked like miniature hookers. It made me sick and I never went back.

Reader Tip: Clean the Dishwasher with Kool-Aid

Jan 5th 2011 2:13PM Yes, that is what I've always used - the store knock-off of Tang. I didn't realize Kool-aid (citrus flavors only) would work as well - so, go with whatever is cheapest!

A Good Night's Breast: Does Breast-Feeding Mean Less Sleep?

Dec 26th 2010 3:16PM It's a known fact now that the intelligence gain only lasts until 3 years of age or so, so that shouldn't be a factor for anyone anymore. (My kids are both still very bright and creative at 22 and 19, but I attribute that to genetics more than anything.) We knew none of this 20+ years ago - we chose breastfeeding (BF) because it gave our babies the best immunity (your kids were blessed with good immune systems - that is also genetically inherited) and was also natural - human milk for human infants. And breasts are designed for feeding babies - sexual pleasure is secondary! I am always dismayed when I hear people use words such as "disgusting", etc., when women nurse their babies - how ridiculous! Convenience was a huge plus as well (never having to get out of bed to feed your infant was heavenly!), especially if you were fortunate to be a stay-at-home mom like many of us were. Now with the stories of contaminated formula, I would think more people would choose BF just to ensure the safety of their baby's food supply. I'm sorry, but I would never trust some unknown, unseen hand/machine, etc. to properly mix together a bunch of ingredients that try to replicate nature's most perfect baby food. You do have to watch what you eat (spicy foods are verboten, for one) and you do have to increase your caloric intake, but BF burns 500 calories a day, so it's offset. BF also causes your uterus to "snap" back into shape more quickly, including reduced bleeding, and is a conception deterrant (although not foolproof). There are lots of good reasons to choose natural over artificial, but there will always be women who have physical problems that prevent them from BFing and they shouldn't feel guilty one bit about using formula. But do check with a lactation expert before giving up - many BF problems can be overcome with dietary, relaxation, and technique advice.


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