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5 Ideas for Reviving the Potluck Dinner Party

Jul 9th 2009 7:26PM Chris, Great post. Potlucks rock!

Potlucks are a great tradition in our family; we host 4-6 per year for 25 or 150 people (I only recommend this one if you have a REALLY big yard/lot/property).

Drink containers are one of the things I focus on for potlucks. If you have cans of soda then people put them down and forget which is theirs. Or bugs get into them. The soda is wasted. We used to go through hundreds of paper cups. Not very green.

Now I encourage families to bring for each kid a beverage bottle with a lid; I supply masking tape and pens so everyone can mark their bottle. The lemonade and iced water that we provide goes much farther in containers with lids. And it is better for the envoronment than using a million paper cups.

Buying a few Coleman 3 gallon beverage containers with spigots was a good investment. We use them often, as do friends who borrow them.

Another tip; a campfire tops off the night splendidly. We live in the country and have a fire circle, but people in town can enjoy a fire in a chimnera. After we have a potluck, many people contact me and mention the magic of the evening campfire. A forgotten charm . . .

Happy Potlucking


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