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Palestine, Israel In Controversy Over King Herod's Tomb

Jan 22nd 2013 7:59AM you are wrong about christians. i love the jewish people and i love jeruselem also. God said, i will bless those who bless isreal, and i will curse those who curse isreal.

Lindsay Lohan Feels She's Being Punished Because She's a Star

Apr 25th 2011 11:42AM your being punished because you are a criminal do the crime pay the time

Women in Rock -- Then and Now: Doris Day / Taylor Swift

Oct 2nd 2010 8:52AM what a joke taylor swift can't sing and she doesn't even com pare to doris day. doris day was a LADY

Hawaii proposes to give homeless a one-way ticket out of the state

Jul 30th 2010 9:47AM the homless picture is only going to be a drop in the bucket once obamanomics takes it's full course. we will be in the same neighborhood as socialists from russia. also anybody, anywhere is a alien immigrant from another country. we havn't even gotten to the health care issue which will be as bad.

Lindsay Lohan 'Treated Like a Common Criminal,' Mom Says

Jul 30th 2010 9:34AM hey mom get over it she's a spoiled brat and you raised her so you should be behind bars with her she's a criminal and thats the fact

10 Human Foods Dogs Can Eat

Jul 29th 2010 8:37AM i've been giving my dogs this stuff for years peanut butter is their best

Lindsay Wants $1 Million for First Post-Jail Interview

Jul 8th 2010 9:53AM she got what she deserved

Dog Grooming Contests Spark Controversy

Apr 26th 2010 8:22AM this is sick and only for show the owners should be cropped like this too and paraded around town

Don't let creditors win a default judgment against you

Apr 8th 2010 9:56AM send the collectors to the gov't they have a budget problem and are way in debt more than us we don't owe this money we never created it

Whoopi Goldberg Voices Support for Jesse James (VIDEO)

Apr 6th 2010 8:34AM the whole view is full of sinners with no morals just plain idiots


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