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What Lowe's & Home Depot Could Learn From Target (and Me)

Jul 15th 2009 3:05PM First of all, what planet do you live on where shopping at Walmart is fun?

I find the spirit of this article contradictory to the DIY mindset.

1) Greeters and Maps? Most Lowes / Home Depots are similar in size if not smaller than a Super Walmart / Target. Try looking up at the GIANT signs overhead to find the correct general vicinity. If you need more help from there, you can usually ask some nice associate who will either point you to exactly what you need. I don’t want to absorb the added cost of some employee standing at the door telling me to have a nice day. I generally want to be left alone in the first place.

2) Get over it and walk to the back of the store. You know that’s where they are. You would really suggest they should re-plumb every store to move the bathrooms to the opposite side of the building? Being a DIYLife writer, have you ever looked into the cost of moving a toilet even 6 inches?

3) I’ll figure out what I want to buy on my own, thank you. I don’t want the shiniest widget with the most blinking lights and attachments force-fed to me. If you don’t know which type of power sander you need ahead of time, why are you trying to buy one? Do some research. When in doubt, RTFM.

4) I hate coupons, bad idea. Next you’ll suggest those stupid club cards that have “member prices” so you can “feel” like you’re getting a special deal. I would hypothesize that most people go to Lowes or Home Depot with at least a general idea of what they are going to buy. A coupon for a dollar off of an 80 lb bag of cement isn’t going to motivate me to buy it, unless I came to the store with the intention of buying cement. However, If I notice Walmart has a coupon for a dollar off chicken breast, I might be able to work that into a dinner.

5) Oh, yes! Please add the cost of employing an interior decorating specialist to my gallon of paint!

6) Partially agree, but I’ve bought shirts that I didn’t look at in person. Hardly ever buy anything over $100 or so that I haven’t seen in person. Especially a tub… odd choice for an example. Last time I checked, Eddie Bauer only sells Eddie Bauer stuff. While you’re on the internet, maybe you could hop on over to the tub manufacturers website for more information? Once again, research. I do like how you tried to depart from the Walmart / Target comparison for this one. Their sites are not much better.

Your proposed changes for the “in-store experience” sound positively awful, and “Get this:” your other suggestions would increase operating expenses, making those price cuts a little less likely.

Researchers create robo-moth, dream of a cyborg cricket-filled future

Jul 14th 2009 1:53PM Good thing nobody here seems to think that - we wouldn't want to upset you.


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