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Sandra Bullock Is Ready to 'Start Fighting Back,' Divorce Later This Week

Apr 21st 2010 7:39PM Hey Sandy I'm a welder with tattoos who rides a Harley,give me a call I'll treat you right. Eddie from New Jersey

Spring Maintenance: Replace an Asphalt Roof Shingle

Apr 20th 2010 5:39AM Remember it's not the fall that'll kill ya,it's the sudden stop of hitting the ground.

Unemployment Numbers Still Rising--How's Your State Doing?

Mar 2nd 2010 11:30PM The last time I checked Puerto Rico was not a state,did something change that I am not aware of.

Them Crooked Vultures Take Spinner Backstage -- Exclusive Video

Feb 27th 2010 5:20PM they sound just like the singers last band... like crap and the drummer of nirvana should stick a shotgun in his mouth too.

R.I.P. Dash Snow (1981-2009)

Jul 18th 2009 2:05AM F this piece of sh!t...while i've been choking on sand in iraq this douche has been taging my country....another subversive commie bites the dust...good ridence...kill the vandells


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