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Becky Mueller

Becky Mueller

Member Since Jul 18th, 2009

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Home Ec: How to Remove Protein-Based Stains

May 1st 2010 11:45AM Used to own a drapery workroom and learned from some elderly seamstresses that you can remove your own blood with your own saliva but cannot remove anyone else's blood with your saliva. Very helpful knowledge when you get a prickle of blood on something.

Pier 1 Imports Introduces Custom Sofas

Feb 19th 2010 5:47PM You are right, Karina. I shop with my elderly mother and cannot get her through the aisles. So, I plant her wheelchair in the middle and run down the aisles in every direction while she sits there, bored. They have a handicap parking spot right outside the front door so it's very deceiving. Rarely do I spend much money because the store is not designed to accomodate purchasing more than a few items. One time I took things to the counter as I was selecting them and by the time I was finished, some of my items had been taken away. The counters are usually quite cluttered so I'm sure it gets confusing for the employees when a few people are adding stuff to the existing clutter.

Heather Trimmed Portions to Slim Down

Jul 18th 2009 10:49AM That's funny that you say that becaue I have always said that I need to lose weight because I don't have 6 friends to carry my casket. Either I make more friends or lose weight but have now decided cremation would be a solution. LOL.


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