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Show PC stats on analog gauges

Jul 19th 2009 9:10AM Hello Ian.

Thanks for your projects first.

I will build this gauge project to my computer soon, i have the materials already.
But i want to do USB Colour Changer too, but i dont need it's usb support, Auto-Fader is just enough for me. Could you update your program?
We already have 4 free pins to use. It would be good if you make PortB.0 PortB1 and Portb2 Led connections, and PortB.3 to Open/Close RGB Led Function with a switch.

I will build this PCB still. I can make another little board to drive transistors and Leds with 4 cable from PortB header pins.

Please let me know fast and dont forget to attach your updated hex file if you success to do.

All the best.


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