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Man photographed stealing poppy tin, trying to collect donations with it

Nov 15th 2011 2:50PM What would you do with a scum bag who steals from our service men and women ? Send him on a nice cruise maybe ? Listen to his moans and woes and sympathise because he hasnt got everything he wants ? Calling people facsist maggots for condemning scum like him shows you to be something of a namby pamby fool my friend

Queen mooned during tour of Australia

Oct 24th 2011 5:17PM Some years ago, when I was a smoker, I was with a group of people walking along a street, which was very busy, when a car containing some very gobby half wits drove slowly past on our side of the road. One moron in the back was mooning with his best feature actually sticking out of the window, and his hands pulling his buttocks apart. As I said, I was then a smoker, and had almost finished my ciggy. Temptaion is a powerful thing, and I, being weak willed, could not resist it. The roar of pure agony when ciggy butt met moron ring piece was something I will always remember with a smile.

Did Tesco ad tell porkies?

Sep 14th 2011 6:21PM All big companies tell porkies about their products and services. Every single gas/electric supplier will tell you that they are the cheapest in the country, but its only because they make their price lists so complicated they can wangle them to look like they are cheapest.
Insurance ads all show happy smiling customers being happily paid out by a smiling insurance company employee. Have you ever tried making a claim ? It aint like the ads,l belive me lol

VIDEO: Savoy Hotel awards drunk takes a serious tumble on CCTV

Jun 13th 2011 5:53PM Gerty, that man got himself into that state, and in every town, city and village in this country, drunks cause millions of pounds of damage to other people, their property, and themselves.OK, most of us like a drink, but people in that state pose a danger to other people, and thus infringe THEIR human rights. It seems the HUman Rights Act only seems to cover criminals or people who do stupid things then demand their Human Rights. Have you heard of law abiding people ever getting them ?

Ex-Corrie star in council tax fraud

May 31st 2011 6:34PM The word "Star" is handed out far too easily now. Some people are stars, millions are not. Football seemed to spawn the "star" scene. As soon as someone joined a senior club, he was a star. One day he gets a goal, and becomes a Superstar, if he has a good streak of goal scoring he became a hyper mega super wonder star. Big words for kicking a ball between two bits of wood I think ?

VIDEO: Dancing laptop thief humiliated after geek busts him, exacts his revenge

Mar 23rd 2011 4:11PM Not sure about this lad being a dancer, the best parts of the vid were when he dissapeared out of camera shot. He is to dancing what a fish is to cycling, and a thief too.

Dancing On Ice: Jason anger after Tim Healy confrontation

Mar 7th 2011 11:13AM I agree with most posters in that Jason is a prancing offensive poofter with a huge but undeserved ego, but hes hardly alone is he ? People like him who have little or no talent have to make some sort of name for themselves, even if it means making thems seem obnoxious and idiotic.
Nina Mishkow was another one like him, she lived entirely on being the person everyone loved to hate,which was the one and only eason she ever got on TV. Jason is out of the same mould, if he actually knew what he was talking about and didnt go out of his way to be a prat, he would never, ever get even a bit part on telly.

Dancing On Ice: Karen Barber saves Jason Gardiner from the sack

Feb 10th 2011 5:34PM I feel Jason is a sympton of the trash we see daily on TV now. Talentless, brash, self opinionated nobodies who somehow manage to draw attention to themselves everywhere they go. They have to put on some act in order to get any attention, because there is nothing else behind the facade.

Dancing On Ice: Jason Gardiner wants Karen Barber sacked

Feb 7th 2011 6:17PM Like all bullies, Jason is squealing when someone comes back at him. He adds nothing to any show he manages to crawl onto, and covers his stupidity by being loud, brash and sputeful. Now he has been made to look the fool he is, he's sulking, and wants that tiny woman sacked because she showed him up for what he is, a loud mouthed, know it all dummy.

Dancing On Ice: Things get nasty between Karen and Jason

Feb 7th 2011 6:03PM I agree with many posters that its ludicrous to have panel members commenting on a subject they are entirely ignorant about. THree judges, and only one skater among them, the other 2 being a one time singer and a prancing poofter who doesnt seem to know much about anything, but insists on underlining that fact by making himself look and sound a bigger fool each time he opens his nasty little mouth. Imagine a panel of "experts" commenting on a footbal game, and 1 was a retired player, another a hairdresser, and the other a shelf stacker, its ridiculous, as is the panel on "Dancing on Ice"


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