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What Lowe's & Home Depot Could Learn From Target (and Me)

Jul 26th 2009 5:05AM Just my 2 cents worth. The Lowes here in my town HAS their restroom right up front next to the exit doors. The biggest problem I have come across...people being in the back of the store looking for it, cuz that is where they expect to find it.
Lowes DOES except coupons! Have you ever tried? They scan the barcodes on them just like anyplace it doesn't take any longer to use them at Lowes as it would at any other store. They even send percent off coupons out in the mail, and they are found inside moving packets you get at the post office.
Lowes and Home Depot stores are NOT department stores. They are WAREHOUSE stores. You dont pay for the frills and flashing lights...
Lowes employs Specialists in all of their departments, and many are trained or have great knowledge of several departments in their stores. I would not necessarily ask a Paint "Mixer" (that term was condescending, wasnt it?) about helping with Home Decor descisions, but I WOULD ask the Home Decor specialist their opinion!
One last thing. I know for a fact that the Lowes in my area DID have printed maps with very detailed layouts of their store. Over time, they just were not needed. There is someone right at the Return Desk that often greets you as you walk in, and there are associates everywhere that offer great customer service to men and women alike.


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