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Rain barrels made easy

Aug 1st 2009 12:03AM Great way to get the news out regarding conserving rainwater harvesting with the addition of instructions for rain barrel set up. I didn't see instructions for the proper care and maintenance of rain gutters.
Water harvesting is only as clean as the gutters are clean!
Please explain to your readers how important it is to keep gutters squeaky clean for two very important reasons;1) Keeps rain gutters free flowing, 2) Keeps gutters free of disease, virus, mold, roaches that carry 33 different infectious diseases, bird nests, decaying debris, stagnant water that breeds mosquitoes which can carry West Nile Virus, leaves and other debris clogging us the gutters.
I invite y'all to come and visit with me at to see a brand new method of cleaning rain gutters that is safer, faster, cleaner, and saves you money, and is called "The Best Gutter Cleaning Tool On The Market Today!"
You'll save time, money, energy, and more water when you use the Gutter Clutter Buster. It vacuums out all debris, wet or dry, while you stand firmly on the ground.
So, our desire is for you to Stay Well, Stay Safe, and "Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled."
Enjoy your worthwhile rainwater harvesting and add "one more drop in the bucket" toward water conservation, using those beautiful rain barrels.


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