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The Old Captain sez ...

The Old Captain sez ...

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Venus Williams' Most Outrageous Get-Ups

Jan 22nd 2011 3:53PM MeThinks that "Slash" name refers to his place in the Gene Pool ... hardly worth an intelligent person's time.

Venus Williams' Most Outrageous Get-Ups

Jan 22nd 2011 3:15PM OK, after looking around the rest of the Wild World of Professional Sports, is anyone BESIDES the easily offended folks really surprised ? Pro Sports is no different from the rest of Hollywierd, in that they Exist for the Headlines/ Exposure which generate Cash for thier bank accounts. As for the choice of "working attire" for Ms Williams, she might consider that professional drag queens and various crossdressers around the world admire her courage for wearing What she wants, When she wants... In Case Ms Williams actually reads this Post? ... Just Think, one day, you may be Adored as a fashion icon. I.E. Cher, Madonna, Judy Garland ...

How to Clean Electronics

Nov 6th 2010 5:46PM I hate to tell you this, but 95% of the clothing and general "soft goods" at Nordstrom's comes from China, India, Singapore, and the usual pack of Human Rights Defenders. Know Your Retailer !

Man wins lottery and leaves wife, who faces eviction

Dec 31st 2009 12:18PM Truth Gets Spoken ! ...
This "former beauty queen" was likely a high-maintenence blood sucker. Women already get plenty of perks in life. Ever tried to get a Fair, Reasonable divorce ?? ... It doesnt exist... He likely did the Smartest Thing available to him ... Besides, half a Mil wont take him very far, anyway ... Now Will It ??

Walmart to offer low-cost wireless service across the U.S.

Oct 16th 2009 8:07PM I've been using TracFone for years. I'm completely satisfied with thier sevice and only rarely have a problem. Its WalMart that I completely Do Not Trust. Theyre known to bully everyone. From thier suppliers, to thier workers, and even thier customers. I'm sick of seeing 29 checkouts and only 3 cashiers. Sam Walton would not be happy.

Bankruptcy time for Reader's Digest

Oct 16th 2009 3:16PM It is sad but true. RD was once a fountain of quality reading material. Then they changed into one big book of coupons and advertisements. They are no longer the pleasant past time they used to be. My subsciption also lapsed. They have only themselves to blame.

11 Secret Fast-Food Menu Items

Oct 9th 2009 6:40PM McDonalds has a nice fish sandwich called "Grand Mariner" ... its actually 2 pieces of fish, mounted on a Mac bun. If the counter monkey cant grasp the concept, tell them to make the sandwich, and charge for 2 Filets. Simple as that.

Now you're going to have a middle seat for sure

Sep 25th 2009 3:32PM The Funny Thing about all this, is that every time that I've flown, I invariably get the "Emergency Exit" seat. It seems that the Air Carriers like having some big, burly guy directly next to the "Rip This Panel Out, And Throw It Away" section of the plane. I suppose that I cant blame them. These seats ALWAYS have the Most room, Period. Next time you fly, take a look at the Escape Seats. Quite Roomy, Indeed.

Save money, and your lunch, with faux-mold sandwich bags

Sep 18th 2009 2:16AM Ex - Lax ? ... thats for kiddie pranks. When it comes to Nailing a lunch thief, try Ipecac syrup. For those who dont know, its a vomit inducer for accidental poison victims. I made up a pan of Ipecac brownies, and put them into a common airtight container. The result was utterly predictable. Needless to say, the Clown never touched another lunch, again.

Is layaway the answer to America's credit woes?

Sep 7th 2009 9:05AM I dont know who the clown is who wrote this article, but he doesnt seem to be living in the real world. My own parents used Law-A-Way for years. When I myself find a retailer who offers Lay-A-Way, I make good use of the service, as well. As a consumer with less-than-perfect credit ( thanks to my former spouse ) I find Lay-A-Way to be a perfectly viable solution to buying mid-ticket items such as tool boxes and welding machines, as well as the support equipment thats also needed in my work. I, Personally do not like or wish for credit cards due to their exhorbitant interest rates which inflate purchases to unrealistic levels. If a retailer doesnt offer Lay-A-Way, then I search out one which does offer this Valued Service.
Tractor Supply Co is a favorite supplier of mine, and often has a sales associate meet me at the door, ready to assist my purchases and payments on my account. As you can guess, Tractor Supply gets Thousands in sales from me for tools and durable goods. I'm proud & happy to keep going back for more of their goods and services. With the economy being in the Tank, having someplace to "drop back and punt" is always a welcome thing. Pay Attention, Retailers. Lay-A-Way has always been, and still needs to be an option for consumers.


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