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Survey Suggests American Airlines Has Rudest Employees Among Domestic Carriers

Dec 13th 2012 5:57PM Without a doubt, flight after flight, United's flight attendants and gate personnel are by far the rudest, most contentious and least likely to help of any people staffing US airlines. In fact, I just recently took an American flight and they could not have been more pleasant, helpful and courteous.

Woman Faces Foreclosure on House She Bought for $1

Sep 9th 2011 1:56PM Where are the tangible efforts of Warren Buffington and George Soros when someone direly need them? Why can't they expend some of their fortune, a small pittance to help people such as this unfortunate woman rather than impart advice on how to run the country? They can really do something worthwhile with their millions rather than construct fantasy and whimsy with their theories. Help this woman stay in her home.

Stop the Kardashians, Please!

Aug 23rd 2010 2:44PM we have reached the nadir in taste and content. when will the focus and attention on these talentless, non-accomplishing bunch of bimbos. and this misdirected and baseless adoration stop rather than focus on important relevant issues? This tripe falls into the garbage can joining the residue from the Lohan capers.

A 'Kardashians' Housewarming Turns Into a Cupcake Fight (VIDEO)

Aug 23rd 2010 1:33PM Never have so much been heaped on someone with so little. When will it end?

10 Days to Renovate

Jun 14th 2010 7:39PM Is that wonderful. A indulgent, wealthy actress with a big mouth and a bigger wallet refurbishes a run down apartment in 10 days, attracting the attention of this web site. The only thing it continues to show is "money can provide a lot of things" and "One thing money can't buy is poverty."

To Fly or Not to Fly?

Apr 28th 2010 12:29PM Being a seasoned traveler there is no question in this debate for me: drive whenever and wherever you arfe able. You will not have to put up the abuse from overworked, short-fused gate agents; the threat of getting bumped; no food; getting in line waiting to use an overused and filthy bathroom; the indiginities of the of a security line procedures; the hassle, rudeness, disrespectful hassle from other scurrying passengers; passengers taking your overhead space where your seat is as they walk further to the rear to sit in theirs; screaming babies; talkative seat mates; the 300 pound man sitting in the middle seat next to you; no space for your carryons while the guy ahead of you puts his monterous suitcase in the little overhead space that remains; acerbic flight attendants; the incessant, intrusive announcements from a "tour guide" captain; the non-stop talkers who are sitting behind you; the knee prodder who sits behind you; the person struggling with thei tray table sitting behind you; the back of the seat in front of you that is rammed into your lap; and many more but you get the idea. There is no question for me: a car every time.

Create the Look: Jennifer Aniston's Platform Bed

Apr 18th 2010 7:24PM ...and she hasn't made a movie that has gotten more than "it stinks" rating! ENOUGH!!!!!

Create the Look: Jennifer Aniston's Platform Bed

Apr 17th 2010 11:37AM I am so sick and embarrased from hearing about every single aspect of this woman's life; i.e. her loves, her numerous romantic failures, her eating habits, her travel and now her bed. Let alone the voyeurs who seem to get a thrill from these stories, you might think this 40 year old woman would have learned some self respect by this time. WHO CARES! She is not destined for any recognition of greatness but for her looks and popularity.

Save Your Sport, Commissioner; Expand Replay Now

Oct 13th 2009 5:01PM Jay:

Your disrespectful, bullying of the Commissioner; your narrow eye with regards to how you view umpires; your pandering to major league managers and your obvious hatred of this wonderful game severly diminshes the impact of your hypothesis. Perhaps you should devote your efforts to political speech writing and PR director of the Health Care initiative.


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