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Hair Thinning: Female Hair Loss Treatments

Mar 6th 2011 7:55PM WoW! Where has everyone been? It is NORMAL for shedding some hair. If it starts clumping out then you may have a problem. Chemicals or polluntants and maybe even some extreme stress. (you know, RX pills you may need to take or just polluntants in the air wherever you may live or work) Try a vinegar rinse on your levels out the ph in your hair.) But it is ormal to shed your hair a couple of times a year or maybe just once. Change of the season from Winter to Spring usually I see more. It is like some animals shed at different times of the year and even evergreen trees and shrubs shed at different times of the year. Shedding the old is making room from the new.
Of course everything with in reason. Good Luck..Just take a chill pill....The less you stress the better off ou will be.........

Charlie Sheen to CBS: 'We're at War'

Feb 28th 2011 12:56PM Charlie, Remember don't get mad, get even........Stress will hurt you tooo! We know we have not seen the best of your work yet...So lets get busy....Save the stress for someone else..It does not look good on you..If you can look yourself in the mirror each day and be honest to yourself, no one else needs to matter but your family......GET IT DONE.............

Chelsie Hightower Chimes in on Brunogate: 'He Should Have a Little More Class With It'

Oct 1st 2010 8:34PM Once again the judges showed their jealously for the stars and their dance partners. Michael has achieved so much more than they ever have had or will have. Michael and the rest of the stars are not doing this for money. They are doing it for fun, charity and to get some attention to the program and raise some money for the show. Maybe even help the ratings for the show. They should have remembered if you do not have anything nice to say, do not say anything at all...Then the less said the better....

Federal School Lunches Linked to Obesity

Aug 29th 2010 1:31PM You are so right! We are all trying to keep our jobs and work hard...It is almost impossible to keep informed on what has happen since I left for work in the morning. It gets so disheartening to come home and find out your Senator, Governor, elected offical has voted totally opposite of what the voters want, and the elected officail get some things pased so fast that we can not even keep up with them...Thank goodness for Glenn Beck and Fox news keeping us informed. tried to watch the others channels but they are too one way or the other. We need Glenn Beck for a History teacher.........He is right on track....I found out the hard way in take for granted that they are teaching your students. They do...but make sure you go to meet the teachers and take the time to check out their history books or other books too! Sometimes the publishers do leave out information..They are looking to make room on the page.....Not the content....Duh!

Federal School Lunches Linked to Obesity

Aug 29th 2010 1:20PM Healthy foods are not all expensive. Time is all you need....Fruits and Veggies can be washed, cut up & put in a covered container in the refrigerator until time for a meal or a snack. A lot of veggies can be eaten raw. Just remember to wash them. Light Ranch works good with them too! Hard boil some eggs, the cool them down with a cold water rinse with ice cubes too, then put them in a bowl for later use in the refridgerator. Make sure you HARD BOIL THEM..

Federal School Lunches Linked to Obesity

Aug 29th 2010 1:07PM WoW! Sounds like you are already doing the right thing anyway...What works for you.....But some parents are not as smart as you are. To be able to pick out good things to eat when not in school. Some people just have a hard time picking out a menu.....So do not take things so personal.....My concern about school if the students are eating junk food ( all those good things we like to snack on) for their school lunch...They#1 are not going to be able to sit still and keep an open mind for the teacher because they are all hyped up on SUGAR/High Fuctose and it makes the rest of the day just flat out difficult for teacher and student. Students won't be able to make it until the end of the school day. We did an experiment once in scool..where we had baby carrots for a snack and then the next day we hard that yummy chocolate bar....It was a real eye opener as to the enegery left for the day with the carrots carrying you on through...Needless to say I decided to save my Chocolate peanut butter cups til the end of my school day.......

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About the Culkin Clan?

Aug 27th 2010 12:02AM It is the imagination used to do the clobbering....
It's funny to see how a kid might handle the situation....
As far as him hitting the 30 mark.....He was the youngest in that movie family.....and it just seems like last season he was left all the family commotion to get their flight out.

Book Review: Ed Ugel's "I'm With Fatty"

Aug 23rd 2010 8:36PM Juice Cleanse................?????
What is in it?

Best Boardwalk Food in America


Best Boardwalk Food in America

Aug 19th 2010 9:23PM THRASHERS
Please Someone show a picture of the BEST BOARDWALK FRIES at Thrashers, OC, Maryland......
You always have to stand in a quick moving line, raining or sunshine, they were cooking up the fries.
On a cold rainy day at the beach, those hot, tasty BROADWALK FRIES would just warmed you up.
Trasher's have the real BOADWALK FRIES........


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