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After Backlash, Man Evicting 98-Year-Old Mother Relents

Mar 3rd 2012 11:30AM A very sad situation. I believe we don't have all of the facts. My first reaction was, what a jerk. After reading I am not so sure. His mother may not be able to care for herself and may refuse help. He probably didn't feel like he had any other options. It is very difficult caring for an ailing parent, and he may not be able to. God Bless them both.

'Apprentice' Contestant 'Would Boycott the Finale' If They Could

May 3rd 2011 8:06PM ps...why does everyone always have to bring race into any argument???? The ones always throwing those accusations, I believe, may have issues themselves.

'Apprentice' Contestant 'Would Boycott the Finale' If They Could

May 3rd 2011 8:01PM How STUPID would it be for someone to turn down money for their charity!!!!!! I don't care who it's from. That was an idiotic thing to write!!!

Pippa Middleton's Royal Wedding Dress by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen

Apr 29th 2011 7:32PM Kate is much prettier than Pippa

Anorexic Model Isabelle Caro Dies at 28

Dec 30th 2010 8:37AM malibubeach7777 anything under a 4 is anorexic

'Extreme Makeover': A Blind Couple 'Shines' While Dancing in the Moonlight (VIDEO)

Dec 6th 2010 11:00AM People who are racist need not comment...your words aren't worth the space on my computer.

'The Amazing Race': The Teams Skate (and Fall) in South Korea (VIDEO)

Dec 6th 2010 10:55AM I like the home shopping girls!!!

LeAnn Rimes Gets Emotional, Weeps Over the Past Year's Events, Sings a Christmas Song (VIDEO)

Nov 30th 2010 10:40AM While I definitely don't agree with cheating, it amazes me that people have given her sooo much grief, while a man cheating gets talked about for a minute and then gets swept under the rug. Unless you were her husband(who has the right to freak out about it) get a life and leave her alone....

'Dancing with the Stars' Results: Who Went Home in Week 7? (VIDEO)

Nov 3rd 2010 10:03AM You can only vote a certain # of times, its not unlimited like America Idol. Totally different....and to you morons calling Bristol fat, I'm sure you are a bunch of winners. She is beautiful!!!


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