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Arnold Schwarzenegger Puts All Movie Projects on Hold Indefinitely

May 21st 2011 7:36AM Take a break from acting? Don't you have to be able to act to before you take a break from it? Oh thats right he was acting like a faithful husband.

Maria Shriver: 'This Is a Painful and Heartbreaking Time'

May 17th 2011 3:56PM A man who has a history of drugs and orgies has a child with someone other then his wife and people act like its suprising?

Republicans the "family values" party

Charlie Sheen Dumped by 'Goddess' Bree Olson

Apr 25th 2011 7:31AM It's really bad when the hookers you are giving money to won't sleep with you

Kirstie Alley Introducing 'Dancing' Partner Maksim to Scientology?

Mar 11th 2011 1:13PM If fact L Ron Hubbard started as way to get out paying taxes on the profits from his Science Ficton books it was only after found out how gullable people are that he wrote all the other crap

Michaele Salahi Kicked Out of 'Celebrity Rehab'

Mar 9th 2011 2:58PM Is being a pathalogical lier an addiction?

Charlie Sheen's Lawyer Blasts CBS, Warner Bros. in Letter, Threatens to Sue

Mar 1st 2011 7:30AM Dear Lawyer The show was canceled because your client is mentally derainged.

Kim Kardashian to Star in John Gotti Biopic?

Feb 25th 2011 7:55AM Gotti's daughter was a brainless,self centered, Bimbo. Do you think that will be to much of a stretch for Kim to play?

How your smartphone's GPS can get out of a speeding ticket

Feb 24th 2011 4:12PM It costs you more because you are wasting court time and tax payer money fighting a ticket you know you were guilty of the first place

Was Alexander Hamilton President?

Feb 21st 2011 8:44AM How can you expect people to know history when you have people like Glen Beck on tv making up history and reporting as fact?

Trevor Bayne Becomes Youngest Winner in Daytona 500 History

Feb 20th 2011 6:26PM Watching this kid win almost made up for having to watch the 207 laps before. Boring terrible race, great finish.


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