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Baby Oil Uses - Unusual Uses

Aug 13th 2009 10:00PM I have the worst fingernails... they are thin, brittle, and I have NEVER been able to grow them long enough to even have much of a white tip- because they are so torn and ugly by then that I have to cut and start over. Rub baby oil on them a couple of times a week- and I PROMISE you will have amazing nails!!! Mine are healthy & strong- and the only reason I have to trim them now is when they get too long. The oil soaks into the nail- and stays reguardless of how many times you wash your hands. It provides a protective barrier- which means I rarely even have to file them because they stay straight and even- even when I bump them against things that would normally chip or cause them to break. Trust me- this is my best found beauty secret... IT WORKS!!!


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