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'Project X' Copycat Revelers Allegedly Wreck $500,000 Home

Mar 15th 2012 7:51PM Put these vandals in juvenile detention centers and make them serve time for their crimes. I grew up in the 1960s, and nobody ever did this sort of thing. Our parents would have punished us severely if we EVER damaged anyone else's property or drank alcohol. The worst thing I ever did as a kid was festooning a neighbor's bushes with toilet paper on Halloween!

8 Benefits of Mature Pets

Nov 28th 2011 3:52PM We adopted a 2-year-old male cat in April 2009, and in April 2011 we adopted a petite female kitty who the rescue group estimated to be 6 to 8 years old. The cats have very different personalities, but it has worked out very well for them and for us! We are child-free, and we keep the kitties indoors for their own protection, as we live on a busy street. Also, we have seen foxes and coyotes in our yard! We love our cats, and they are both very playful. I encourage everyone to adopt an older cat from a rescue group or shelter. There are so many deserving kitties who need a forever home! Our male, Max, had been abandoned in a cellar, and our female, Fluffy, had to fend for herself outdoors after her elderly owner passed away. Their stories just broke my heart!

Bristol Palin: Michele Bachmann 'Dresses a Lot Like My Mom'

Jun 29th 2011 2:31AM Bristol Palin should have put her baby up for adoption. A stable, married man and woman would have provided a better home for the little boy. That would have set a better example for other unwed teen mothers!

Bristol Palin: Michele Bachmann 'Dresses a Lot Like My Mom'

Jun 29th 2011 2:17AM As a single mother, Bristol should have put that "beautiful child" up for adoption. A stable, two-parent home is what this baby needs.

Arnold Schwarzengger Pays Child Support Before Filing for Divorce

Jun 22nd 2011 2:48AM Susan: The illegitimate product of Arnold's dalliance with the housekeeper is NOT the brother of Arnold's and Maria's children. They probably see him as a constant reminder of what tore their parents' marriage apart!

Decorating Deal-Breakers: Design Choices That May Scare Off a Date

Jun 18th 2011 4:29PM Many years ago, I went on one date with a nice lawyer. When he arrived to pick me up, he saw my cat, and he was allergic to cats. It was a deal breaker! Now, I've been with the same man for 21 years, and we share two cats!

Miracle Baby Born After Being Carried Outside Uterus

May 27th 2011 4:07PM Who paid for all this medical heroism? Who will pay for the neo-natal care the premature baby will need? Will he have developmental problems due to his premature birth? And is there a father in the picture to help support this family? I don't think this mom thought things through! She could have died and left her 7-year-old without a parent.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Could Face $200 Million Divorce

May 23rd 2011 3:42PM If more of Arnold's illegitimate children keep crawling out from the woodwork, his four REAL children (with Maria) are going to be shortchanged!

Arnold Schwarzenegger 'Took Care' of Baby Mama

May 21st 2011 2:20AM Arnold should pay child support for the illegitimate kid he sired with Ms. Baena, the housekeeper. But Maria Shriver and their four LEGITIMATE children should fight to make sure that the illegitimate offspring is NOT provided for in Arnold's will or estate planning. Why should those four children have to split their inheritance with that beastard? And who knows, there might be a few other little issues of Arnold running around!

Keds Style: New and Improved

May 16th 2011 1:11PM I love my seven pairs of Keds! I have multiple sclerosis and need to walk with a cane, so Keds are the best shoe for me. The slip-on styles look great with my summer dresses!


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