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Slate Thinks Facebook Killed the Christmas Card

Dec 24th 2010 11:27AM @Debi
I'm 75 and enjoy keeping up with friends and family (several older than I) on Facebook. It wouldn't cross my mind to be on Facebook to look "cool"--I don't even know what that means! I've found a number of people on FB whom I'd thought were lost. It's a great way to find out how people are doing, without corresponding with them unless they want to. I don't send e-cards through FB, nor download the FB "app" for sites I already visit anyway. Luckily, we can all decide whether to be on it or not!

Slate Thinks Facebook Killed the Christmas Card

Dec 24th 2010 11:20AM At this moment, we have 20 cards strung on dark red yarn across our living room windows, as we've done in the 55 Christmases since we were married. Sure, time was that we'd get 18-20 cards on a single day, but that's when both cards and stamps were a LOT cheaper (a box of Hallmark cards for our first Christmas was $1.25). I order our next-year's cards from a catalog site which has only USA-made cards and great 1/2-price sales. I will NOT buy cards that were made in China, and am disappointed when I receive one that was. When we started having more family news than I could write in every card, I began adding a letter which I keep to one page. This year I sent out 56 cards, and plan to again next year, more or less. This number has gone down over the years too; I love some of the e-cards that are out there, and send a lot of them too.

The Best Christmas Commercials of All-Time

Dec 5th 2010 11:26AM I am SO HAPPY we don't still have cigarette ads--at Christmas or any other time!!! The one I've watched for this year and haven't seen is Arby's "12 Days of Christmas" with "Five roast beef sandwiches"--and the singers' stopping to try and figure out why their lyrics said that. I laugh every time!

The Best Christmas Commercials of All-Time

Dec 5th 2010 11:22AM I saw a very similar Folger's ad just this past week--the sister was older, but clearly the siblings loved each other as much as in the first one (always a big PLUS!). Mom and dad had been expecting him but had gone to bed after waiting up for him all night, and said, "It's him!" when they smelled the coffee. They're both great ads, and get to an important part of the season's spirit without too much commercialism.

'Harry Potter' Final Scene Deets Revealed

Jul 7th 2010 11:12AM In the epilogue of the book, we glimpse Draco and his wife across Platform 9 3/4, waiting to send their child to Hogwarts. Her name is never mentioned, nor is she described. So whatever about his wife is in that scene of the movie, it's pure fabrication by the movie people. Not too surprising. They've left out so much content from the books, to make room for the (admittedly excellent) special effects. It would be good to know that Harry and Draco can be friends now, if not best buddies, especially since Draco's mother and Harry helped each other at the end. I'm glad they're making the movie of the last book in two parts.

Thinking About Blonde Hair? Three Reasons to Say Hello to Yellow

Jun 28th 2010 10:22AM I've never known why some people think they look better when they make drastic changes in their hair color. No one seems to realize that all their natural coloring goes together, so if you're determined to mess around with nature, finish the job and see to it that your makeup and clothing are complementary to your new hair color. But I've NEVER, at any age, wanted to change my natural coloring. At 74, I have a sprinkling of gray hair in my dark brown; it doesn't bother me to have it, and it won't bother me if all of my hair turns gray. When a friend finallly let hers go all gray, after experimenting with several different colors, I told her she'd finally hit on the perfect hair color! I congratulate all of you who stand up for your own natural look!

Sean Murray Signs New 'NCIS' Deal

Jun 23rd 2010 10:22AM I hope Sean's contract gives him a guarantee of more lines to take Tony down a peg or two once in a while. We have nearly stopped watching several times, because of Tony's obnoxious character--his treatment of his co-workers should get him fired! Fortunately all the other characters behave in a responsible way, so we hang in there.

Wedding Gifts Do's and Don'ts

Jun 19th 2010 1:26PM I agree that in many cases, taking a gift to the wedding is about the only option available. It probably depends partly on what area of our large country we live in, whether that's acceptable or not. So does whether to, or not to, open the gifts at the reception. I've never seen it myself, but apparently it's the accepted practice in some places. Finding a large department store that delivers gifts is harder now than it used to be, and most everyone I know shops at the discount stores anyway.

When our daughter was married, she said one of her very favorite gifts was a yellow plastic batter bowl; she loved the "better", more expensive gifts, but said she used the batter bowl just about every day. We're both appalled at the idea that one is expected to spend a hundred dollars or more on a wedding gift for someone we don't even know well, such as the daughter or granddaughter of a friend or co-worker. There are great gifts out there for under ten dollars, that will be used every day!

Wedding Gifts Do's and Don'ts

Jun 19th 2010 11:14AM I'm surprised when I see that some people's idea of "re-gifting" includes leaving the original wrapping and enclosure card intact! Why on earth would a person not put it into new wrapping or a gift bag, and add a new card? I have no problem whatever, giving or receiving a gift that the original recipient couldn't use, but use a little sense and sensitivity--and if the original giver is going to be there when the person opens it, choose something else!

Diane Falanga's 'P.S. I Hate It Here!' Helps Homesick Kids Adjust to Camp

Jun 19th 2010 11:00AM Unfortunately, there are adults in jobs that suggest they love kids, when in fact they take the opportunity to exert power over the children entrusted to their care. It sounds as if you (and the others, probably) were, in effect, held hostage. I was a "city girl" too, and an only child, and though I enjoyed making friends and doing the other camp activities, I wasn't then, and probably never will be, a "good sport". I missed breakfast one morning because I was going to be unavoidably late, and knew that everyone in the dining hall would sing, "You've been primping, you've been primping, you are late, you are late", and couldn't face that with any humor. So much better it would have been, if anyone had asked if there'd been a problem!


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