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Unusual Uses: 10 Clever Uses for Colanders

Aug 28th 2009 5:54PM Think about a new gutter cleaning tool that is called "Best Gutter Cleaning Tool On the Market Today." Yes, its the Gutter Clutter Buster gutter cleaning tool that is safer, faster, easier, and cleaner method of doing a nasty job, that must be done! You can now stay firmly on the ground while you vacuum out your gutters and use the debris collected in your wet/dry shop vac for your compost pile or plants to conserve water usage. Just think, no more ladders and no more blowers, and no waste of water using water wands and get drowned in the meantime. Be safe, stay well, and "Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled." God Bless America!

Keeping Lawns Green In The Heat

Aug 19th 2009 7:03PM And, then go on-line and check out all the sites for connecting two, three or more barrels together for more water savings during each rain.

Then go to and check out a new, easier, faster, safer, and cleaning way of keeping rain gutters clean all year long. Granny says, "rainwater going into your barrel is only as clean as it comes out of your gutters!" And, she is right on!

We are looking at those plans and specifications to connect up to 6 rain barrels together to we can water our entire Victory Garden all summer and fall. Want to wish all "Happy Harvesting" and Stay Well, Be Safe, and "Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled."


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